What did she want, now! Alarm bells were going off in my head.Mature

She led me, to the couch.  I looked af the roombout the room, seeing a candlelabria on the coffee table, there were pitchers of roses on the nd tables, a fireplace in the middle of the living room.  There was huge tv beside the door through which I have entered the room.

Terry touched a button to turn on the cd player, some soft romantic music had poured in through the speakers that were its edge tables, The music was soft as a summer's breeze, 

"You like?"she asked as she drew me to her, her other hand that had been holding the remote for the cd player. Put it down, as she eased off my suede jacket off of me,in a fashion that I did not realize it had come off of my body, as soon as I realized this. 

I smiled, as I looked longingly into her soft blue eyes.  My right hand slipped down to arrive at her derrier.  I fumbled about for the clasp of ehr zipper.  She smiled a knowing smile at me. She drew my mouth to hers as she tried to consume my tongue in hers.  We dueled merrily with our tongues, she drew my face to hers using her left hand to do this.

She effortlessly lifted her butt up from the couch to knowly allow me to complete what I was doin with her zippered skirt. Slowly effortlessly she undid the buttons of my shirt and tie.

The zipper slowly and effortlessly fell to its end. The skirt slowly slipped off of her shapely hips. She wore a garterbelt to keep the stockings in pace, beneath which there was a thong as her panties. She slippered her hands to my pants to undo my belt and ease my pants off of my waist.

I did not know, what I had to do next.  She drew the hand that rested on her butt to her top's clasp that held it in place. Her breasts were large enough, that I could not have been able to cover it with both hands. 

There were alrm bells going of in my head.  I poromised my mother taht I would not lose what I was given by god.  What did she want odf me.  I could hear alarm bells going off in my head.

I felt , we were traveling much to fast.

The End

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