Her place! I was in heavenMature

       She lead me, like a puppy on leash to her place, my heart soared to the heaven as we walked there. It looked like a four story house, she had just gotten out of school as I had. There was no way, she could afford a place like this. 

She opened the door to the hallway, there were doors down the hallway to their left was a elevator, this is where she led me.  I gulped, the wine was still playing with my stomache. She stepped inside the elavator, closed the door.

She drew me into kiss her, I put my hands about her back, one on her derrier and the other on her shoulder, so she could not move. She closed her eyes as this kiss arrived, I was on the seventh heaven, when the elevator stopped its climb.

The door eased open as silently as a whisper a hundred feet away. She released me, so as that I could see where we had arrived.  There were four doors on the right and left one at the end of the  hall.

I did not know what to expect, my brother had slipped something into my wallet., I did not know what he gave me, he had smiled when he gave me it.  I only knew it was a square about an inch to an inch and a half in size. He told me, when you get lucky.  You will know what to do with this?"

He smiled at me, with a devil may care grin on his mustache covered face.  I knew I had it, whatever it was.   I did not know, what it was.  Much less what to do with it?

She opened the door to her apartment, lead em to the couch in the living room.

The End

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