What should I do now?Mature

Todd wondered as he finished the meal.  He was stuffed, with the lobster, it was a meal from the heavens. He was feeling a little giddy.  As he never tried to drink anything, but tea coffee and maybe even soft drinks, but never wine.

Terry looked at the empty dinner plate, and then suggested,"Baked Alaska! As desert."

I looked at her as if she had lost her beautiful mind.  However did not suggest that, to her. I looked at the waiter who agreed to this, I pondered what was Baked Alaska?'

They brought out a meal made up of ice cream and booze. They dropped and stepped back from the plate as dropped a lit  match onto it; the plate exploded into a mass of fire. Terri clapped her hands excitedly.  I looke upon it in awe. I wondered where the marshmellows were to roast.

I leapt back as the fire exploded on the ice cream.  She laughed like a little girl who had seen seomething naughty, but nice.  I felt her toes mingle with mine under the apron that was on the table. I tried to follow each movement that her feet made with mine under the table.

We dug into the firey ice cream, the booze made the desert taste fanastic.  I think, I was growing drunk on the booze that was in it.  I was feel even more giddy. 

She reached out and caressed my hand, I looked into her eyes,She grinned as though she had been given the greatest treat. In the world.

"you can come, over to my place," she suggested to me, as she drew my face to kiss me, she french kissed me. I thought I lost my tongue, thanks to the interchange. She smiled implishly. Looked longing into my eyes.

The End

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