The RestaurantMature

   Tom walked with her, still wondering what he had done.  To deserve this.  His hair still towered over the rest of his hair like corn stalks in the middle of a grass field on his head.  Maybe I should have seen the barber like pop had suggested.  He was sweating with fear as to what they were going to do, whe he coudl not pay the bill.  

Samantha walked inside.  The matre looked at Tom, and shook his head, until he saw Samantha on my arm, than he snapped his fingers, and a waiter appeared as if he had been but air a moment ago. The waiter whisked us away to a table.

The rug was a rich red, thick pile, The table cloth was satin, I was expectiing to see the bill for a glass of water, being 10 no 20 dollars.  Pop only gave me, ten. I was sunk. Royally sunk.  I wondered how many dishes I would have to wash to pay for it.  I was wearing a suit true, a year or two out of date. But it was still a suit.  I also had an ascot in my lapel

"I do not think, I can afford this?" I warned, gulping as the waiter pulled the chair back for her to sit in. 

"i will ask father, If it is on the house." Samanatha said to reassure me.

'I was still pretty much afraid, he would say, "No!"' 

The waiter vanished, after lighting the candle on the table with which to see with,  I sat there sweating bullets, now, I would have to impress her father.  How was I going to do that.  I pondered. There were four forks, two knives, and two spoons on the table for each of us. the forks were to be used to eat specific meals,but I had no idea as to why? I susposed I would have to follow her lead. While we ate.

A man appeared dressed in a tux, I sat there, thinking, my goose was cooked no parbroiled. He had a mustache, and beard, his hand  had a ring on it large enough to choke a horee. He looked at Sanantha and me, then looked at me again. He smiled, was that a sign of encouragement.

My heart was sinking, I was done, for.

He turned and left us, I was about to get up and leave.  When a bottle of wine arrived at the table in a bucket of ice, two long stemmed glasses were brought over a moment later,

'I looked at the wine and at the waiter, who poured a little into our glasses.  It was not even enough too quinch a mouse's thirst.  samantha looked at me, and the waiter, she smiled. 

She said,"YOu are to taste the wine, first>"

"I thought, we were to drink the wine>" I suggested.

:WE are, but first you should see, if it worthy of your palate." she suggested as she looked ta the waiter who scampered away.

I sipped at the wine, it tasted good, it had bubbles, this was the first time, I had ever tasted wine, so I did not know what I was to be looking for in it. I nodded my agreement, as did she.  "Than you must smell the bouquet."

 "I thought, that what I had brought to your house."

She laughed demurely, and said,"Yes, but it is the scent that you must partake in before drinking."

"I sniffed the wine, it smelled like freshly squeezed grapes with a hint of alchol in it. I looked at her, and followed her lead.

She than order cavier and escargos. With Lobster tails, a salsd that looked like it was an island with lettuce for its waves, the califlower and tomatoes as the island, and potatoes covered in gravy. I did ot know whether I should eat it or take a picture of it and her.

The meal arrived, I looked at the green puddle, which she used her crackers to put into her beautiful;lipstick covered lips.  I did like wise, it did not taste very good to me, but I put on a brave face and continued to partake of the meal, The lobster was good.

I pondered, "What the meal would have cost me."

I had a nagging feeling, she was out of my league. 


The End

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