The Date. The Date; how can I forget it.Mature

 Tom looked into her eyes and the desire lifted him to the heavens, to be with her. Was what he desired.  I was with her, I wanted to click my heels together like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to be sure it was real. Her eyes were so blue, as the sky, they were having grey and silver eyeshadow over them and maybe a hint of mascara on their eye lashes.

She smiled, the smile was that of an angel. My heart took to the winds of heaven because of it. Looking at the poem after having read it, she that sultry smiled that made me heart sing with desire as she took my hand.  I too smiled confidently that she had taken my hand in hers.  I was in heaven.

"Let's go to lunch," I suggested taking her hand in mine, I skipped happily. I had Terry with me and she even took my hand,

 "yes, indeed.  Let us go to the Top!" she suggested, looking at the building where it was.  

'The top. Am I not dressed for that, I will need a tuxedo. I do not have a tux. I doubt, that I can afford that!' I was sweating with fear, that she would find out that I did not have enough money for that. My heart was sinking to the pit of my stomach, I mumbled, "I do not think, so?"

"My father owns the club!  So, we can go, actually we have to go?  My father wants to meet you!  Thank you for the roses, that you sent to my house.  They were adorable." she said as she walked us to the Top.

'Her father, my goose was cooked. I had to steal the money from mom's purse for the roses, I had to thank Alic for the delivery of them to her address, I remembered hearing the she was of the upper crust of society. She seemed more at ease,with me. May be I should have had my hair cut.  I should have?' I asked, "Are you  sure?"

"Yes, I am sure." she suggested, there was drawn on to her face it was a mischievous smile that was on her face.  Like a little girl full of mischief, she looked me over to remake her  appraisal of me.   It was as if I was having an inspection by the military, I drew my chest out threw my head back to make it look like I was standing at attention. I forgot, "To click my heels together. Damn,  I hoped she did not see that."

The End

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