The Dove of LIfeMature

It is a story a bout young man, waiting to see the girl. He is to meet on his first date. His sister has arranged this. He is worried, will he be accepted by her.
A worldly lady, has met him, Never would he not desire the dream such as she? Would he? She wants to lead him to the heavens. Will he be a champion or won't he?

The dove of life 

Tom nervously said,"Okay, will see her?"

Samantha grinned that childish grin she always had on her face, when she was up to something,"Terra will be waiting for you at the dock!"

Tom moved the toe of his shoe in the desperation, he looked at the mirror, to see himself. He checked his hair, there was a stalk of brown hair standing up there. He had tryed to pull it down but it refused.  His father gave him, some money to see a barber.  Instead he desired to buy a meal for her with it.

He saw her  by the dock looking over the boats in the harbor, she took his breath away as she  looked devastating, with a black full length skirt and a white silk blouse with a plunging neck like. She had her hair done up in a style taht accented her face, and her make  up had been expertly done up. She smiled as she saw him standing there, noting that he had a couple of hairs standing on end.  He looked cute, she wanted him to have the time of his life with her, tonight.

She licked her lips upon seeing him, coming towards her as if I had not a care in the world, that was an air of confidence that he tried to establish with her. His hands were damp with sweat. from the fear that was presiding in him.

Terri drew him to her, kissed him on the cheek, like he was going to war orsomething. Well, it was his first date. So, he suppoded he was. He hoped, he would not return injured from this action in the feild of war of the the world.

He had written a poem for her, he prayed she would like it.

You are exquisite

you are a delight

you are out of sight

your form is a dream

You are an angel

you are the girl

that I have dream of

I have sent you 

your love

you are above the clouds

you are loved

by thee

this is when I see

an angel that you be

you are a dove

The dove is thee

The End

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