Chapter FourMature

I smiled. There was a noise coming from the corridor. The other students were arriving. I sighed. I sank in my chair slightly, as not to be noticed. The bell went off; it was a very shrill noise that had a slight echo around the school. The doors clattered open and the wonderful silence was shattered by a sudden din.

Oh great, I thought.

The pupils walked in groups. Chattering away to each other about whatever it was that normal teenagers talked about. The easily found seats without looking. It would have been hilarious if the school had changed the classroom layout. I would have burst out laughing and destroyed my cover.

Not to my surprise, no one noticed me. For two reasons probably, a) they didn’t care and b) I was sort of invisible. Well, I can Vanish but I can also Disappear. Despite the two words meaning the same thing, the versions that I’m talking about are nouns. They mean two different things. Vanishing is a type of teleportation, whereas Disappearing is when you sort of turn invisible. Anyone can Disappear. By anyone I mean witches, highly-specialised wizards, my family (Death, just in case you need reminding) and female vampires (yes– they do exist). Some humans can as well. But not even a handful.

Back to the subject, as the students sat down–still talking– I Disappeared.

“Come on everybody! Settle down!” said Mr Purtell as he started calling out names. I was last on the list so at least I’d learn how to respond.

When my name was called, I said, “Here, Sir”. This was when everybody turned around and started to stare. Well, nearly everyone. There was a group at the other side of the room who were all wearing black. Nothing else, just black. I quite liked the look of it to be honest.

But other than that, everybody was staring. At least, that was what I’d thought. There was a boy sat in his seat with his head down. He had something in his hands and was fiddling with it excitedly. What he was excited about, I didn’t know.

“All right, everyone. Everyone’s favourite, you’ll be starting with maths today, off you go then,” said Mr Purtell. “Evy! Lewin! Zoe!”

A boy and a girl turned around to look at the teacher.

“Sir?” said the girl, supposedly Zoe.

“Obviously, Evy is new to the school, so will you show her where everything is and all that?”

“Of course we will! I mean, if that’s all right with you Lewin,” she said, probably already knowing the boys answer.

“Of course we will,” said the boy, slightly less enthusiastic than the girl, Zoe.

“It’s settled then. Evy, this is Lewin and Zoe. Lewin and Zoe, this is Evy. I doubt Evy will need help with class work and homework so you needn't help her there.”

“Hey,” I said.

“Bye, Mr Purtell. Come on, Evy, we’d best get to maths.”

“All right.” I said, walking next to Zoe as we went out of the door.

The End

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