Chapter TwoMature

“Good morning, Talbot,” I said quietly as he woke up. He simply snorted and pretended he was still asleep. He’s not very good at it though. “Whatever then. Bye.”

At this point he got up and started to follow me.

Talbot,” I whined. He kept following me. “Talbot, no!”

He sneezed and then turned around and took off, to who knows where.

When I got into the house, dad was there.

“Morning,” he said.

“Morning. Did you know that mother plans to send me to school?” I asked.

“Uh… well, yes. Yes, I did.” I raised my eyebrows. “You know what your mother’s like! I couldn’t persuade her not to! You can’t sway a witch from her decision!”

I laughed. “It’s all right, dad. It’ll be nice to get out the house.”

“But you go out every night with Talbot.”

“But school will hopefully give me a chance to make friends. One second. Mother! Stop eavesdropping!”

“All right, all right. You really shouldn’t be cooped up inside this house all day, doing nothing. And you only go out at night when Talbot can fly. Plus, you never know, you might have fun at school. Have you heard of that, fun—”

“I do not do ‘nothing’. I have a very eventful day, thank you very much,” I lied defensively and perhaps a bit loudly.

“Enough. That is the last I will say on the subject. You’d better be going soon; I think the headmistress wanted to introduce you to some of the teachers and show you around the school. But before you leave, there are a few things I must tell you. Come on.” She dragged me to the sofa and sat me down.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well, you can’t call yourself Death; you shall introduce yourself as Evy and say that your surname is Alliker. I know you don’t have one, but humans do.”

“Why ‘Alliker’ mother?” I said.

“It was my surname before I married your father,” she replied plainly.


“If I may continue? Some people might be scared of you. But hopefully not many. Only the extremely superstitious ones can sense Death. And you can’t run.”

“Why?!” I asked, surprised.

“Look at your hand.” I did so. “What looks like skin and muscle, is fake. It’s magic. Ancient magic. If you ran, people would hear the bones clicking. That’s what you’re made of. Bones.”

She wasn’t joking. I was going to be sick. She pushed a heavy bag into my hands.

“Come on now. Off you go,” said Dad, cheerfully.

“Yeah, whatever, bye.” And then I Vanished. I turned up a few roads away from the school, in a dark alley by the looks of it. With rats and mice and God knows what else. I walked for a while, not knowing where, but going the right way anyway. After walking a while, I turned a corner and came face-to-face with my new school. It was huge. It was surrounded by a steel fence, about 10 feet high.

The End

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