So yeah, it's unedited but I can't give a damn enough, so too bad.
Essentially, wrote this when I passed an unhinged door and wondered what was on the other side of it...
This is a ficitonal short story. I feel I must specify that here since I can't where I should be able to.
I'm thinking of keeping exclusively to dA, as a side-note.


            He stood in the middle of the barren desert, staring from the top of a golden dune. How did he get here?  Why was he here?  He had awoken today to the blinding light of the desert sun and the sand and dust blowing over him as though he didn’t exist.  When he stood, he found what he expected; he was truly in the middle of the desert.  Standing atop a great dune, he could see sand until it met the blue sky.

Turning around, he saw nothing, only golden sand before him.  Then, turning around again, he saw a door.  An unremarkable door, simply standing on top of the dune, facing him.  Some vague carvings of geometric shapes were placed in a few places on the front of the door.  It almost looked like the door to his house only it was white, not brown.  However, it still had the same golden knob shaped as a number-eight billiards ball. 

He stood there, staring at the door for many minutes before deciding to search for help.  He walked toward the door, then around it, unable to hold back a glare as to what was on the other side. 

Nothing, just a mirror image of the door.  Except that the doorknob was on the right.  He noticed this and ran to the other side, where the door knob was on his right.  The opposite side. 

He scratched his head and looked carefully back and forth from one side to the other.  Every time he looked at the door, the doorknob was on the same side, always the right. 

He took a deep breath, it was frustrating him that he could not come up with a logically explanation for the knob.  Was it only there for aesthetics?  Did it even turn? 

He also noticed there was a door-jam, a plank of wood that went around the border of the door, holding it in place.  Walking around the door again, he found the hinge always on the left. 

Again, he was frustrated at the riddle.  Did this door even exist?

He took a few steps back, then ran at the door.  He jumped up and kicked the door with the bottom of his foot.  His leg went stiff and he could feel the vibrations going up his back.  He hit the ground and more pain shot through his body.  While he was on the ground, he angrily kicked the door with his other foot.  Now both his legs were in pain.

He backed off a couple of paces and stared at the door.  He was losing, he realized, the door was his enemy, it was beating him.  He was down on the ground while it stood there, silently ridiculing him. 

He knew what was going on here; it was trying to trick him, yes.  That door was trying to keep him here, in this very spot, trying to starve him or kill him of thirst.  Well, he knew how to beat it.  He turned around and sat up, his back to the portal, his knees to his chin. 

For a while the only thing on his mind was the calming scene of the desert before him but after so long, the door came into his mind again.  He started to turn his head slowly then snapped it forward.  He couldn’t let it win. 

Another attempt to look back and this time he set his eyes on the portal, determined to beat it at the game.

He stood, his bones no longer aching, and he walked up to the door.

“You think this is funny, eh?  Well, I’ll get you, just wait.  Yeah, you can’t stop me now, just wait.  It’s going to happen, just wait.  Don’t try to run, just you wait,” the door didn’t reply.

At this he lost his nerve.  He took some sand in his hand and threw it at the door, screaming insults its way.  He jumped at the door, climbing on top of it and falling down the other side.  He scrambled to the door and took the golden knob in his hand.

“You’ll see, just wait!” he screamed while he turned the knob.  He pulled it open and was kicked in by some latent force.  The door closed behind him and he landed hard on his back. 

A deep chill reached his bones and he started shivering.  A piercing wind came to his ears and he covered them with his hands to block out the sound.  His eyes were closed but he did not want to open them, wherever he was, he didn’t want to see what frightening sights it beheld. 

He rolled to his side and pulled his knees to his chest, trying to lock in all the warmth his body exerted.  The wind continued, his hands were not helping at all.  He quit his attempts to help his ears and started to feel around to get some sense of where he was.  He could feel something soft beneath him, something as cold as the air.  It was fine and smooth, like a cold cloth.

He opened his eyes and the blinding sun greeted him.  He was on his back, in the desert again.  It was warm and the wind had died.  He stood up and was happy to be back here…With that door.

He walked up to the door and tried to open it.  Locked.

“Oh, now what are you doing?  Well let me show you!  Just wait!”  He clutched the door-knob again and pulled, nearly ripping his own arm off.  With a puzzled expression on his face, he looked at the sides of the door and found there were no hinges.  He pushed lightly and again was thrown into the portal. 

He landed with a splash and was instantly wet.  Opening his eyes, he found he was underwater, but not far.  He swam up and found it dim outside.  Looking around him he found that he was in a great body of water.  The waters rolled beneath and around him, not unlike the desert, only ever-shifting. 

Rain came down on him in strong waves, dying down enough for him to regain his vision.  After so long, he couldn’t take the stinging of the rain in his eyes.  He dove beneath the water and it helped.  The water was smoother on his eyes now and he could somewhat see, albeit there wasn’t much to see.  But he did catch sight of the door floating down below him.  There was no way he could have made the swim, he was already almost out of air but he didn’t want to go back to the storm. 

He exhaled and pushed himself downward to the door.  He reached it and tried to push but found it locked again.  He pulled on it but again, it wouldn’t open.  He was starting to panic.  In a frantic attempt, he went to the other side of the door and prayed it opened the way he wanted.

He pulled.

It didn’t open…

He awoke again and inhaled deep, thanking the heavens that the air was granted to his lungs.  He opened his eyes and found he was lying on a beach, the water was rising and lowering with the waves as it hit the sand.

Behind him, palm trees grew with coconuts hanging from their lazy tops.  He sighed.  Beside one of the trees, a white door stood.  He walked to it and shook his head.

“Alright,” he said quietly.  “You win.”  He took the door-knob and opened it. 

There was a flash of light, it seemed as though he were in nothingness.  He knew he was standing but it felt like there was nothing beneath him.  It didn’t feel like there was gravity or depth or even existence save his own.  It just seemed he was there, existing.

Without warning, a door appeared before him.  This one seemed like his own at home.  There it was, brown with the billiards door knob and his name across the top, ‘Conrad Baran’.

He looked in awe at the portal.  Finally he was home.  He would walk through the door, sit down and eat something then destroy every door he owned. 

With a deep breath he took the doorknob in his hand and pushed it open.

Another flash of light, this time it started to fade though.  He closed his eyes, when he opened them, he would be staring at his living room, his couch and he would be happy.  He opened his eyes.

And saw the sand stretch out for kilometres…

The End

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