The Last Stand

Megan awoke in a cold sweat, she shivered as she thought of the events that had played out the night before, "what's going to happen to me?" she thought aloud, suddenly there was a bump down the hall from her room, she continued the Meg vs Meg debate in her head in her head "what if this is really the doll? no one would ever believe me. i can't go for help, not after the reaction i got from Kelly... but if i don't get help, she might kill me, and maybe there's someone who will believe me, somewhere, but who?" her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the squeak of her door opening "oh good, you're awake" her mother said brightly "i was wondering if you could maybe watch your little sister tonight, your dad won tickets to a show tonight, and the baby sitter just canceled. Meg, your dad and i haven't had a night out alone since your sister was born, and i really want to go." Meg looked at her mom's face, seeing the desperation in the eyes of the woman who raised her, she forgot her fears. "of course mom." she said with a smile "i haven't had a night of fun with Isabella in ages, and i borrowed the Simpsons movie from Kelly, Izzy likes the Simpsons right?" her mom beamed from ear to ear "oh honey!" she gushed "i don't believe it! i was certain you would object, I'll let your father know that we're still going, and I'll pick you up anything you want from the restaurant, no matter the cost! the radio station is paying for your father's and my dinner, so the night is payed for, and its the least i can do! oh,  and Meg, Izzy loves the Simpsons, that's so thoughtful." Megan laughed aloud, "mom, mom, mom slow down! you'd think i jut agreed to give up my room to an exchange student, its just baby sitting. and does the restaurant have cheese cake? I'd love some chocolate cheese cake." her mom caught her breath and smiled "cheesecake it is then, I'll request a whole cake of it for you hon, you have no idea how much the means to me" and with that Megan's mother ran from the room shouting "bill, honey! we're going to the play after all!" Megan smiled to herself, and went to speak to her sister.

Megan knocked on her sister's door a small sing song "Come in" answered her she entered to see her sister sitting on her be, the doll in her hands. suddenly the memories from the night before came flooding back, causing her face to flush "Izzy" she said softly "have you noticed anything strange about that doll?" her sister looked annoyed, though slightly worried "no Megan, i haven't noticed a thing, why do you ask?" Megan thought quickly, concocting a story on the spot "its just, i saw a story on TV about a doll collector that pays thousands of dollars for dolls like that, i was just wondering, why that old lady gave it to you for free. i thought that maybe it had been ripped or something, I'm only trying to figure it out. " Isabella seemed satisfied with her sister's answer, nodding and saying "no, i don't see any sewing that's out of place, or any patches." she said looking the doll over "now, is there something else you were wanting to say?" it took a minute for Megan to recall the reason she had come down to her sister's room "oh right!" she said, suddenly remembering the reason "i just wanted to tell you that mom and dad are going out to a show in a while, and I'm going to watch you, i just was wondering how you like your macaroni. i make the sauce a bit runny usually when its for me, but i wanted to make sure you were okay with that." Isabella smiled "i like it that way too, can we have hot dogs in it meg? please?" she asked sweetly "sure Iz, I'll boil a few up for us" Megan said with a quick smile "I'll see you in a bit."

Megan pushed the whole incident the night before out of her mind, and began cooking dinner. She hummed the latest Eminem hit to herself as she filled two pots with water to boil, one for the macaroni, one for the hot dogs. she turned around and cried out in shock "oh Izzy, you scared me half to death!" she gasped to her sister who had just entered the room "hey, Iz, i don't mean to sound mean, but could you put that doll in your room? it gives me the creeps." Isabella looked as if she might argue the point, but decided to leave well enough alone she turned and headed back to her room, this time returning alone "thanks Izzy, i really appreciate it, i feel so stupid being scared of a doll, but i watched a Chuckie marathon the other night, and well, it's got me spooked." Isabella sat down on a dining room chair and smiled "it's okay. but i have one question. whats Chuckie?" with a tremendous laugh her sister explained.

The sisters sat at the table chatting, eating and laughing. their bowls of  macaroni, weiners and cheese steaming infront of them "no, i think the "blue is back smarties commercial is the best one on air right now." Isabella insisted "i still think that the snickers commercial with Betty White is really funny." Megan replied as the girls ate the last bites of their dinner and Megan took away the dishes they decided what they wold do that night "i borrowed the Simpsons movie from Kelly" Megan said Isabella agreed, and they watched their movie.

After the movie, Megan tucked Isabella in, and went to watch a bit more TV in her room, but soon dozed off, tired from entertaining her sister. a while later at three am the voice returned "Megan, it's time to play. I'm at your door. and time's run out. its too late to undo it."

The girl's parents returned in the morning. the play had gone longer than expected, and they stayed in a motel for the night. they entered the house only to see their eldest daughter, in a lump at the bottom of the stairs, her neck broken. and beside her, on the rug looking up at them was Izzy's doll. and she was...... smiling.

The End

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