"You're Mental Meg"

Shortly after lunch the phone rang, Megan answered it "mom, I'm going to kelly's i don't know how late I'll be back" she said quickly while running out the door. kelly's house was only a few blocks away, so Megan arrived shortly. upon arriving Megan let herself in, dropped her bag on the floor, shouted "I'm here" and headed for the fridge. Kelly came downstairs quickly and said a quick greeting, then started on about her plans for the night, flipping her long brown pony tail over her shoulder she began explaining why she had called her friend over "mom and dad are on a business trip in Vermont or something, they'll be gone a week, so i figured why not start off the alone time with a party?"  Megan rattled around in the fridge, grabbed a beer and smiled "sounds fun" she said "but i need to be home by 1, mom's getting a bit testy with me."

The Girls went about cleaning things up, and moving breakables out of harms way for the party, and chatting. soon the conversation came to the strange events that had occurred the night before. "you're mental Meg." Kelly concluded "there's no way that it had anything to do with that doll. you said you were watching child's play, right?" Megan nodded "well, that settles it. you imagined it Meg, that's all there is to it." Kelly finished off her mini lecture by crossing her arms in front of her , setting her jaw in an attitude filled way and giving Megan a stern look "okay, okay, okay" Megan said "but that doll still creeps me out."

Around 8 o'clock the guests began arriving and soon everyone was mingling and having a good time, the rug the girls had just cleaned was covered in chips and beer, a group of girls were in a line letting boys take shots into their shirts with pennies, a bunch of boys were having a competition using a beer bong and there were many couples making out in various places around the house, it was the perfect party. The only thing that seemed out of place was the absence of Kelly. Megan looked right and left, scanning the room. She couldn't find her friend anywhere. Megan slowly climbed the stairs to Kelly's room. knocking on the door she asked loudly "Kelly, are you in there?" the only response was a muffled sound. slowly turning the knob Megan entered the room. empty. all except for the furniture, and a few old dolls and teddy bears. she was about to leave when she heard the voice again "Megan... come and play.. I'm in the closet." Megan was terrified. swallowing her fear she crept towards the closet, and opened the door. standing there for a second, she couldn't see anything, when suddenly a doll jumped out of the closed attacking her and knocking her to the ground, she threw the doll off of her and scrambled to her feet screaming. looking back at the doll she noticed something was amiss, the doll was just sitting there, when she heard laughter behind her "oh my god! you should have seen your face!!" Kelly laughed from behind the clothes in the closet "come on, meg. you couldn't expect me to just let that opportunity pass, i mean really? come on, i found an ouija board, lets see if we can find some people to use it with." reluctantly Megan followed her friend back downstairs, grumbling to her about her trick the whole way.

The girls sat in a circle around the board, each with one finger lightly resting on the answer indicator "is there anyone there?" one girl asked nervously, a moment passed before the indicator began to move towards "yes" the girls giggled nervously. "what is your name?" another girl asked. again, a moment passed and the indicator moved again "t-o-m" it spelled out, earning more giggles from the girls "can you tell us the future?" another girl asked the indicator moved to yes, more quickly this time, causing more giggled "will we all get married?" a girl asked the indicator moved to "no", causing a groan "who won't?" Kelly demanded slowly the indicator moved to the letters "m-e-g-a-n" one girl looked at Megan an laughed. "why won't i get married" Megan asked, fairly upset by this news. the indicator slowly inched its way across the board "p-l-a-y-t-i-m-e" "playtime? what's that supposed to mean" one girl demanded as Megan got up and ran from the house, not stopping until she reached home.

Around one thirty a.m. Megan fell asleep, only to be awoken once more two hours later by a very familiar giggle and a taunt "Megan.. its time to play.. I'm on the fourth step" Megan just lay there, scared, as she thought to herself "that means there's only one night left.. our staircase only has 6 stairs."

The End

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