The Trouble Begins

Once the girls' parents were home they all went for dinner at a local diner where Isabella was anxious to tell her parents all about her new china doll "she's great mom" the little girl beamed "she has the prettiest dress, its black lace and her hair is black too, its just like real hair! all smooth and shiny. Her eyes are the nicest shade of brown and she has a little red pouting mouth." Her mom smiled "she sounds just lovely dear." her mom agreed just then Megan cut in. "that think is not 'lovely' mom! its ugly is what it is, that hair and that dress, it looks like something from a horror movie! and don't even get me started on those eyes! its like they look right into your soul! and the 'cute little pout' as Izzy calls it, that's not a pout its a sneer! it glares and sneers, i don't even know who would make that thing, its a miracle  they sold even one! its awful!" Megan finished with a firm nod of her head as Isabella looked as if she might cry. "she's a pretty doll" the younger sister insisted. her mother was outraged "Megan why can't you ever just let your sister have some fun or be happy? why is it always about you?" she demanded then, looking down at her menu added, only to change the subject "ooh, that spaghetti sure looks good doesn't it Izzy?" the little girl nodded, happy that her sister had been put back in her place.

When the family got home Megan headed straight for her room as Isabella finished a conversation with her parents. suddenly, the phone rang and Isabella went to answer it she greeted the caller, listened a moment, promptly turned to her mother with the phone pressed to her chest "its Jessie, mom. she got a puppy, and wants me to come over. her mom says i can stay the night if i like. can i go mom? please?" her mother thought for just a moment, then looking at her daughters hopeful face, and seeing her husband's nod of approval she gave in. "go up and pack hon, but please don't take your new doll, she's awfully fragile." and with a smile, a quick "thanks mom" she told her waiting friend she would be right over and went to pack for the night.

Meanwhile in Megan's room, the rebellious teen had just taken a smoke out of a drawer where she had hidden it, lighting it up she flipped on the television. Surfing through the channels she rejected show, after show, after show until finally she settled on a horror movie. she settled back on her bed and took a puff of her smoke as an ugly red haired doll stabbed a police officer in the back of the leg "that's just like that doll of Izzy's. going to come alive and kill us all..." she said to herself.

Several hours later at about 3 am Megan hear a noise, i kind of shuffling then a small giggle "who's there" she demanded "Izzy if that's you you'll be sorry. i was asleep you know" the nervous teen growled. She listened for more movement, but instead hear a voice "Megan.. it's time to play. I'm on the first step." for shuffling then a closing door. Megan lay in her bed, only slightly scared thinking her sister was simply attempting to get her back for the incident at the diner. she soon drifted back off into a troubled sleep.

At about noon the next day Megan awoke, and shuffled to the kitchen for some breakfast. When she saw her mom she inquired about the events the night before "mom" she began "i think Izzy was trying to play a trick on me last night, did you hear anything?" her mother gave her a quizzical look "honey" she said "your sister stayed at a friends house last night."

The End

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