The Next Morning

Isabella woke with a start, there was a loud pounding noise outside her window, she rolled over and looked at her clock "ugh.." she moaned "seven thirty? are you kidding me?" she approached her window and looked out, her across the street neighbor Ms.Johansan was setting up a garage sale. Ms.johanson was an old widowed lady, she had an air about her that made many of the local kids nervous, they had taken to calling her the "witch lady". Turning away from the window Isabella scanned her closet, finally settling on a purple shirt and a pair of jeans. heading upstairs from her basement bedroom to the kitchen she stopped at the top of the stairs to peer into her sisters room, she was asleep in a lump on her bed, no doubt she had slipped out of the house last night once her sister and parents were asleep. When she got downstairs Isabella's parents were sitting at the table, her mom eating come cereal and her father with the morning paper and a piece of toast. "Morning" she said brightly entering the room. her mom looked up from her bran flakes and mumbled a greeting. Isabella opened the fridge and peered inside, selecting some left over pizza from the night before and taking it to the living room to eat it.

A while her parents left for work, and Isabella was alone,  except for her still sleeping sister, she wondered outside and over to the garage sale. browsing along the rows of dusty old picture frames, strange ornaments, and candles she spotted something that really sparked her interest. She looked down at a small doll, her black hair hanging freely st her sides, her black dress clean and new unlike any of the other things in the sale, she was in perfect condition. Isabella thumbed over the little dolls face, set in a sad pout. There was just something about this doll, she couldn't say what, but something strange. Yet, she was a very pretty little work of china, and Isabella just had to have her. "how much for this doll" she asked Ms.Johanson. The old woman looked up the lines in her face seemed to deepen "my child, are you sure you want that doll? she's very special indeed...." The old woman paused, as if reflecting on another time, her eyes shining with a youth she had long since lost. "what are you doing at the witch's house Ickabella?" a sneering voice demanded. Isabella turned to see where the voice had come from, on her way across the street was Megan. "what's that in your hand loser?" she demanded "ooh, another doll, why can't you just grow the hell up?" Isabella was mortified, she turned to Ms.johanson "i'm sorry" she said "and YOU Megan, need to learn some respect! Ms.johanson is NOT a witch! thats just a stupid rumor!" finally, the old woman spoke "Isabella is it?" she inquired Isabella nodded "well, you seem like the kind of girl who would take excellent care of this doll. you may have her if you promise to do so. Isabella squealed with glee "oh, thank you so much!! i promise i'll take good care of her!"

when she got home, Isabella brought the doll into her new room to "show her around" she set the doll on a shelf, making sure her hair was hanging just right before going back upstairs to wait for her mom and dad to return from work.


The End

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