The Doom Doll

the story of a little girl who finds what would seem to be, the doll of her dreams, at a garage sale. s.he soon will find out the startling truth about her new found friend

Isabella sighed loudly and slumped down in her chair stroking the hair of her favourite doll Angelica, it was a hot July day and she had grown very bored in the heat. Only a few weeks into summer and already it felt that she had jumped every rope, and blown every bubble that her little 8 year old heart could take. Suddenly there was a small noise across the room, Isabella turned to see her 16 year old sister Megan watching her "you know Izzy, you're about the biggest loser I've ever met, with those dolls of yours, just once I'd like you to act like a sister i could be proud of." She sneered. Isabella felt the burning sting of tears behind her eyes, why oh why couldn't her sister just accept her for who she was? just once, to take her shopping or to a movie? but no, Megan had to hang with her friends, go to parties, and come home drunk out of her mind. that was all her sister ever was, a party girl. Isabella looked at her sister, eyes shining with tears,got up from her chair, spilling angelica from her lap,  pushed her sister out of the room, and locked the door. sitting down on her bed she looked in the mirror, her long blond hair glistening in the evening sun that beamed out of the window behind her. she stood up and admired her self. looking into the glass at her big blue eyes, and her slim body. Maybe she wasn't Megan's sister,  she looked nothing like her sibling. Megan,  with her brown hair and brown eyes, and her chubby figure. they looked nothing alike at all. She sighed again and bent down picking up angelica from the floor, and running her hand over the dolls hair, she placed her back in her spot on the shelf beside the chair, kissed her, and leaned forward "you don't think I'm a loser do you?" she whispered to the doll. she then walked back across the room, laying on her bed. she was soon asleep.

The End

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