Discomfort and Worry

The two sat in silence for some time, pondering what had been shared between them.
Finally Nathaniel broke the silence, “Are you happy where you are?”
The doctor nodded, “It makes me happy to help others.”
“But is it what you want?” Nathaniel asked, looking earnestly into the doctor’s eyes.

After a while the doctor sighed, “You know, I think you’d be good at this job.” He chuckled slighty, rubbing his eyes from underneath his spectacles.

Nathaniel smiled, “Really? That’s all it takes, just a little common sense?”

“Well, that and several years of study in the field of medicine… You know, most psychiatrists just drug up their patients instead of finding the root problem. If I may refer back to your rather stereotypical comment earlier…”

Nathaniel laughed, “Yeah, I wasn’t in the best mood that day…”
The doctor nodded, “And now?”
The boy squinted in concentration, “I feel lighter, like the weight on my heart has been lifted… but I’m worried it will return…”

“You shouldn’t let your heart be discomforted by pangs of worry and uncertainty. Those are the things that led you down. I know it is hard not to worry, especially after being depressed for what seems like an eternity…”

Nathaniel was silent, not sure what to say. But the doctor was right, it was hard to feel comfort after such a long time experiencing pain and a loss of trust…

“You must let God in, because in the end He’s the only one who will always be with you. He will never fail you, and He will never let you down as far as you’ve fallen. No girl can amount to what He can do, Nat.” The doctor said, smiling cheekily at the boy from his last comment.

Nathaniel only nodded, attempting to take everything in. The doctor saw the strained look on the boy’s face, “I think that’s enough for today. Let’s go home, shall we?”

“Alright.” Nathaniel said with the raspiness that comes from being silent for a while.
Both were silent as the walked out of the restaurant and to the Doctor’s car.

The End

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