Revealed by Holy Water

Nathaniel frowned, confused.
“Your eyes are just… blue, deep blue.”
The older man spoke.
“What of it? I have blue eyes; it’s-”
“No,” The doctor interupted, “they used to be very dark green…”
He blinked, making sure he wasn’t seeing things.
“Yep, definitely blue.”
Nathaniel sighed, trying to take in what the doctor was saying, and trying to recall his dream at the same time.
“Wait.. that’s not possible. Where’s a mirror?”
The older man pointed behind him.
“The bathrooms are on the other side of the church.”
Nathaniel sighed again and the doctor helped him up. He’d been laying on a pew, and no one except he and the two men were in the chapel. He nodded to the doctor, signaling he was ok to walk on his own.
As he was walking out of the chapel, he noticed a grand bowl which stood on top of a wooden pedestal. He approached the bowl, and saw it was filled with holy water. Intrigued, he bent over to gaze into the bowl. He inhaled sharply, gazing into the reflection of his now blue eyes.

He stood away from the bowl, taking in what he’d just seen. The dream flashed through his mind, and his expression was bewildered.
“How..?” He managed to say to himself.

He turned around and began walking back toward the doctor and the elderly man.
“You’re right…”
The doctor nodded slowly.
“It’s very peculiar… I’ve never seen someone’s eye color change. Especially not within 30 minutes.”
“Is that how long I was out?”
“Just about.”
Nathaniel mmmed and looked toward the elderly man. Apparently he noticed, because he spoke then.
“Forgive me, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I am Father Paul.”
They shook hands, and the Pastor began to chuckle.
“Little Emmett here used to be an alter boy in his teens.”
Nathaniel stifled a laugh.
Little Emmett?”
“Yes, he was short for his age. I don’t think he had a full growth spurt until he was 17 or 18.”
“I was 16, thank you.” the doctor interupted with a serious look on his face.

The End

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