Help Me

Mary smiled warmly at his touch.
“You have much doubt and concern deep inside of you, Nathaniel.”
“I try to ignore it…” he said, looking away.
She shook her head.
“You must give these burdens to me, for I know well that they are too much for anyone to handle alone… You are pure of heart, Nathaniel, and you’ve allowed these things to bury that part of you…”

Nathaniel turned his gaze back to Mary’s. Her compassionate expression did not change when she saw the bleakness embeded deep in his green eyes.
“I haven’t been to church in so long… sometimes I don’t know if I can ever be the same again.”
“You can, Nathaniel.” her voice rang with melting affection, and Nathaniel’s gaze softened. He nearly spoke, but lost all words when Mary’s eyes grew intense with meaning. He found safety, balance, and peace as he sunk deeper into the angel’s blue-white eyes. He forgot his sorrow, his despair, and everything that had destroyed him inside.
“I can help you, Nathaniel…”


“Hey, wake up kid.”
Nathaniel felt a pair of hands shaking him slightly.
“Maybe you should let him rest.” said a voice he didn’t recognize. He heard the doctor scoff.
“He fainted. I don’t think he’s dreaming of beautiful women in bed with him.” he said sarcastically.
At this, Nathaniel laughed and opened his eyes slightly. He saw two blury figures standing above him, but couldn’t distinguish their features, though he knew one of them was the doctor. He wasn’t in the car anymore, and was laying down on a cushioned surface.

Feels too small to be a bed…

He opened his eyes a bit more and focused on the doctor’s face.
“What’s so funny?”
“Oh, nothing… just that I was dreaming of a beautiful woman in bed with me.”
The man to the doctor’s right scoffed; he sounded older.
“Typical teenagers…”
Nathaniel laughed again and sat up slightly.
“It wasn’t like that though.”
The doctor saw Nathaniel’s eyes and his face distorted.
“Your eyes… they’re blue…” the doctor trailed off.

The End

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