Let it Be

“Church.” The doctor said, backing out of his parking space.
Nathaniel bit his lip.
“I haven’t been to church in ages…”
“Well, this should be a good experience for you. Besides, there’s an old friend there I’ve been wanting to talk to.”

Nathaniel nodded and noticed the doctor’s iPod plugged into the stereo. The doctor caught his stare.
“You like music?”
Nathaniel half smiled.
“I love music… it’s the only thing that speaks for me. And for a while, it was the only friend I had…”
The doctor nodded, turning on his iPod.
“I play the piano, though I never found myself inclined to make a career out of it.”
The boy gave him a quizical look.
“Why? Being a musician would be fun.”
There was a prolonged silence before the doctor answered.
“I had higher priorities.” he finally said.
Before Nathaniel could speak again, the doctor changed the subject.
“So, you like The Beatles?” he asked, choosing the song Let it Be from his iPod.

“I used to listen to them all the time.” Nathaniel said, letting the black hair fall over his eyes, trying to hide his melancholy expression, “I think it’s been almost three months since I last heard them…”
The doctor furrowed his brow.
“Then what on earth would you listen to?” he asked in a semi-serious tone.
Nathaniel shrugged.
“Depressing stuff…”
“You mean emo music?”
Nathaniel glared at him.
“I don’t like putting it that way, but yea.”
The doctor stifled a slight chuckle.
“They didn’t have that when I was young.”
“You mean back in the stone age?” Nathaniel said, laughing a bit.
“Yep. And I don’t think I ever even heard of self injury until about ten years after getting my master’s at Oxford.”
“Well, it’s pretty common nowadays…”
Nathaniel’s voice was saturated with a tone of self loathing, which made the doctor slightly uneasy. Neither of them said any more until they reached the church.
“Here we are.” the doctor stated, turning into the parking lot.

The End

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