Cherry Muffins and a Field Trip

As Dr. Telesfore had promised, Mary got her cherry muffins the following morning. The two of them sat at the front desk, indulging themselves.
“So, you like this new client?”
The doctor put up his index finger indicating that a large hunk of muffin was still making it’s way down his throat. He nodded after swallowing.
“He’s… interesting. I can’t explain it, but he’s got something about him.”
Mary giggled.
“Well, he’s a cute young man, that’s for sure.”
“Now Mary, we do have a policy about employee-client relationships.” the doctor cracked as she bit into her muffin. She picked up the daily newspaper and slapped his arm.
“You horrible man.” she hissed after swallowing her muffin.
While still chuckling, the doctor nearly missed Nathaniel come in through the door of the front office. He acknoledged the boy’s entrance with a nod, and turned to grab his jacket.
“Alright Mary, make sure no one burns down the place. We’re going on a little field trip.”

Nathaniel distorted his face.
“What? Where are we going?”
“I’ll tell you once we get in the car. come on! Not a minute to waste.”
The doctor snapped his fingers twice, and Nathaniel followed him out the door. He watched as the doctor pulled out his keys and pressed the unlock button. A few parking spots away, a shiny white BMW flashed its lights. Nathaniel’s eyes widened in surprise.
“Nice ride.”
“Thanks. I have a better one at home. I just use this for business.”
The doctor opened the passenger side door, ushering the boy in, then getting in on the driver’s side. Nathaniel just stared at him.
“What?” the doctor asked in a somewhat exasperated tone.
“You’re loaded?”
The doctor winced.
“I don’t like to put it that way… but i guess that’s what happens when you get a Master’s from Oxford and write a couple of lousy books.”
Nathaniel wanted to say something, but shook it off, changing the subject.
“So, where are we going?”

The End

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