A flicker of Pain, and Half a Heart

The doctor nodded.
“So.. you say you ‘fell’ for this girl.”
“And what happened when it ended?”
“Well, she ended it, so I was kind of down afterwards…”
“And that eventually turned into this?” the doctor motioned toward Nathaniel.
“No… I was down, but I never cut or anything like that.”
“Mmm so when did you decide that you hadn’t truly fallen for her?”
Nathaniel shrugged, leaning back against the bed.
“I guess when I was over her. I figured that love would’ve been alot harder to lose than just a first relationship.”
The doctor smiled, as though he were about to applaud him.
“You’re very wise in this instance. Teenagers often misconstrew feelings of like and love, which are two very different feelings. And you’re right in saying that losing a loved one would hurt alot more than losing a liked one…” the doctor trailed off once more, this time catching the boy’s eyes. Nathaniel thought he saw a flicker of pain, but the doctor looked away before he could be sure.

“Anyway.” The doctor said, snapping back into reality, “This is only the beginning of your story, I presume.. I only interupted for analysis. Please continue.”
Nathaniel nodded.
“Well, after that, I had several more relationships, each ending in the same way. The effect was still the same…”
“But… something changed.”
The doctor leaned forward.
“What changed?”
“I met someone… different.”
The doctor raised his eyebrows.
“Different, you say?”
“Yea… I don’t know, there was just something about her.”
“Ah, another girl I see.”
Nathaniel sighed, shaking his head.
“Yes, another girl.”
“And what was so different about her?”
“She.. did things… said things, showed me things that were different from what anyone else had done.”
“Mhmmm, and did the pattern repeat itself when it ended?”
Nathaniel shook his head.
“No… it felt like half my heart was gone.”
“Only half?”
“Yes, the left side to be exact…”
The doctor furrowed his brow.
“Why the left?”

The End

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