Cherry Muffins in the Morning

By three in the afternoon of the next day, Dr. Telesfore had finished his daily entertainment in the newspaper. He reclined in his red chair, taking his glasses off to put the ear piece in his mouth. He found himself staring at the door, and furrowed his brow.
What am I doing? Am I actually anticipating his arrival?

“Pffft.” He uttered in the midst of silence, but his thoughts got the best of him:
Maybe there’s something to this boy… something that attracts my attention…

Before he could ponder the subject any longer, a modest knock broke the peaceful atmosphere of the room.
“Come in.”
The door opened, and in walked Nathaniel, who’d been escorted by Mary. The doctor smiled at her.
“Thanks, I’ll be sure to bring you some cherry muffins in the morning.”
She giggled and shook her head, closing the door lightly. The doctor turned his gaze toward the boy.
“You have a story for me, I presume?”
Nathaniel’s head teetered between a shake and a nod.
“Well… kind of.”

“What do you mean, kind of?
“Well, it’s not a ‘story’ per say… but, I don’t know.”
The doctor nodded.
“Proceed, I’ll be the one who decides if your.. ‘story’ is worthy of my appreciation.” his voice rang with amusement.

Nathaniel took a deep breath.
“Umm, well.. to tell you the truth, I think everything started when I fell, or thought I fell, in love with my first girlfriend.”
The doctor bit his lip to retain the laughter that fought to make its way into the atmosphere of the room. He spoke when this urge was supressed.
“Are you saying that all that is from a few silly feelings for a girl?” he pointed specifically at Nathaniel’s arm.
He sighed.
“No, but it.. I.. I just can’t really put it into words. I guess before I met her, I didn’t realize how important my feelings were. I think she made me.. I don’t know, more sensitive?”
The doctor Mmmed in approval.
“So, you’re saying that she predisposed you to this state of depression?”
The boy concentrated.
“Yes... that’s right I suppose.”

The End

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