The Doctor's Reasoning

Dr. Telesfore chuckled.
“I’m simply saying.. that you could’ve easily hid your scars from your parents’ view, and even if they’d been uncovered, I’m sure a smart boy such as yourself could’ve whipped up a worthy lie to convince them otherwise.”

Nathaniel leaned forward, not taking his eyes off the doctor’s.
“Are you saying that I wanted to come here?”
“If that’s what you make of it; but no, my friend. I’m saying something that couldn’t possibly make sense to an emotionally disturbed teenager such as yourself.”
“I am not emotionally disturbed.”
“Ah.” The doctor uttered in an unmoved tone, “Then what are you?”
“Misunderstood.” He pronounced each syllable very cleary, as if he were speaking to a cave man.
The doctor nodded once more.
“I’m saying.. that you wanted help, any help you could get.”
The dark haired boy scoffed.
“No one can help me…”
“And that mindset is the reason you prize above all else the idea of finding someone who can...”

“I never asked for this.” Nathaniel said solemnly.
“Perhaps not, but it is what you wanted subconciously. More than anything else, you wanted help.”
The boy shook his head.
“I’ve never wanted to go to a psychiatrist in my life…”
Dr. Telesfore half smiled.
“Then you must’ve been in quite a dire state… It’s what you wanted, needed, whether you like the idea or not.”

Nathaniel reclined in the bed and pondered this for a few minutes. The doctor sat with his fingers crossed, waiting.
Nathaniel brushed the black hair from his eyes, meeting the doctor’s gaze.
“So, what now?”
“Well, my friend, I think that’s quite up to you.”
The boy’s gaze became confused. The doctor sighed.
“I think this is enough for today…”
Nathaniel nodded.
“alright.. so what, I come back tomorrow?”
“That’s up to you, but should you plan on returning, I want you to think about something tonight.”
“I want you to think about why you’re down. Don’t come back until you have a story for me.”

The End

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