The Doctor

Dr. Telesfore was working vigorously at his desk on a lengthy crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. His room was dimly lit, and a relaxing shade of blue covered the walls. He didn’t prefer too much light in his room, as each window wore half-closed blinds. He didn’t like to think of this place as his ‘office’, or his ‘work space’, for he usually resided here more often than his own house. He called it his room, and even insisted the plaque outside his door be labeled ‘Dr. Telesfore’s Room’ rather than ‘Doctor Telesfore’s Office’.
A wife? Ha! The doctor had been single for almost eight years now, since his previous marriage ended in divorce. She couldn’t stand him not being home nearly 3 days a week, not even to sleep, even though his room was only a twenty minute drive from the house.

a ten letter word meaning prolonged sadness, hmm…

Just as he was about to fill in the blank spaces of the crossword, a knock disturbed the peaceful silence.

“Come in.” he grumbled.

His lady assistant, Mary, entered the room. The doctor removed his reading glasses and turned to greet her.
“Good afternoon, Mary, whadaya have for me today?”
Mary smiled.
“It’s your new client, sir. They initially scheduled for saturday at five, but apparently something got in the way…”
“Right..” the doctor replied, biting his lip. Oh dear, another new client…

Mary’s eyes wandered toward his desk, spotting the newspaper.
“Unless you’re busy at the moment…”
He pondered his chance to evade his new client and spend the rest of the day on his peaceful crossword, but decided against it.
“Go ahead and send ‘em in, I’m free today.”
Mary nodded and smiled, understanding his ‘inner conflict’.
“Yes sir, he’ll be right up.”
She exited, closing the door softly behind her.

Hmm, a male.. should be better than the typical female, they’re too dramatic…
He shook his head and prepared himself, shoving the newspaper in the desk droor.

The End

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