Unclear Waters

The small, expensive-looking boat slid into place on the dock, the thrumming of it engines dying slowly to silence. An older man came to the side of the boat and leaned over, his grey hair desperately trying to escape his woolen cap.

"Doctor Towler, I presume?" The man asked with a voice like gravel, followed by the laugh of a 40-a-day man.

"Err... yes. Doctor Jeremy Towler. I take it you're taking me to..." he began to fumble with his suitcase, trying to find the letter.

A ramp slid down with a thump besides him, startling him, and the man walked down and snatched the suitcase from his grasp.

"...the Dockyards. We'd better get moving. If you hadn't noticed we've got a storm coming in."

"Ahh yes, right." Jeremy said with uncertainty. "How long will.."

"As long as it takes. Let me give you some words of advice Doc. Asking questions is bad habit where we're going, worser'n these." He said, lighting a cigarette and wheezing on it.

Jeremy gulped and followed the man up the ramp.


"Down the hatch, cabins first on the right. Got some orientation materials down there for ya. I'll bring down your bag shortly."

Jeremy blinked, not really knowing what to do with himself and then climbed down the hatch. The boat was of obvious high quality, designed for ferrying people rather than cargo, so why did he feel like he was a piece of meat being packed off somewhere? As the man had said, his cabin was the first on the right. It was plushly furnished with fine wood-paneling, a desk, a sumptuous double-bed and en-suite bathroom. It was better than most hotels he had stayed in. There was a combination TV/DVD set into the wall behind the desk. A DVD waited for him on the desktop. Shrugging, he slid the disc into the slot and watched as the screen came to life.

Welcome, employee, to the Dockyards. You might be wondering a little about...

"Your bag. We'll be leaving in ten." the man grunted, his head stuck around the door.

...taking the precepts of capitalism to their logical extremes...

"Thanks you, err. I don't know your name."

...unconstrained by the rules and regulations of any modern legal and ethical systems...

The man leaned further into the room, resting his shoulder on the door frame. "No you don't Jeremy. No you don't." The door was shut behind him as he left.

As a Dockworker, you have many great benefits such as allocated, protected housing, generous compensation and flexible working hours. You'll find that living on the Dockyards is an exciting and liberating experience and due to our unique legal positioning, activities of any imaginable kind can be enjoyed.

We hope you are as enthusiastic about the Dockyards as we are. Welcome to the team.

Jeremy slumped back onto the bed and sighed as the engine began to rumble. He was tired, confused and just a little frightened. He hadn't really been paying attention to the DVD, he could watch it later. For now, he just felt mentally and emotionally exhausted. It was time for him to man up and deal with his problems, this job was the key to that, no matter what happened. He checked his phone, logging on to his online bank account. The money was in there, it was really happening. He even had an email from his lawyers stating they'd managed to make some traction in his case. It was all working out, he didn't have to worry. He felt like all his worries were melting into the softness of the bed and soon he was fast asleep.

The End

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