The Divison

Fallon a 15 year old girl finds her other half or well he finds he her you could say contrevorsy happend as she discovers her power and the people who she loves aren't what they seem to be.Feel free to add your own characters.

There he was god he looked hot and looking strange at me. This wasn't the first time that this had happened the guy had been staring at me for months and I don't that I was that pretty so maybe there was more to it then I knew. French class was boring but it passed quickly so I was happy to get on home. He was sitting on the wall of my bus stop there was  no one  there ecept me and him this made me nervous. When he saw me he stood up he started to make his way over to me.Danm  he looked even hotter up close, his eyes shone brightly he had a new hair cut and the wind made it go into his eyes. His face was tense and frustrated.He turned away suddenly his fists were clenched. I wanted to run after him but I accepted the reality that a girl like me could never have a guy like him.

I walked home I didn't feel like sitting on a crowded bus, my battery was dead so I couldn't call them so I thought these thoughts in my own mind. I felt as if I was in  a dream the same question kept going  around in my mind again and again. What was he trying to tell me?I put my headphones in I might aswell quit while I was ahead. The voices of paul McCartney and John lennon filled my ears.

I reached the house I was surprised to see the light on in the kitchen I thought ailbhe my sister had swimming lessons. Hey Jude started playing and I couldn'thelp but sing loudly I made my way to the kitchen.I opened the door someone was sitting at the kitchen table with there head in ther hands. I screamed but darkness came over me.

The End

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