Chapter Fourty-Six: Torture Chamber

Jonrah had planned to use this night in order to rest. Although it was not even late afternoon, his ascent of the mountain had worn him down, and he had been looking forward to a well-earned rest. In the morning, he would perhaps enquire as to the location of the armoury, and after equipping himself in the necessary disguise, head over to Rensh to retrieve his son.

All those steps in Jonrah's plan were removed as Jonrah beheld the sight before him. The boy was cowering in fear, only too aware of the price he would be soon paying for deserting his captor.

Closing the door behind him, locking it and placing the key in his pocket, Jonrah took a seat opposite the boy, who was now missing his left leg, the one which had been broken, apparently irreparable.

The silence in the room did not bother Jonrah as it would have done earlier in his journey. For now, Jonrah was not the one who was in danger; not the one who could feel fear creeping up on him. Now he would install fear into the hearts of his enemies.

The cripple boy was not moving from his seat on the bed. Looking scared into the eyes of the man opposite him, he knew that he could not escape. His single leg would not do much against an older and more experienced opponent, and it would be wiser to just give up the game, surrender any and all information this bastard required, and hope for survival, or failing that, a quick release.


The little furniture that decorated the room was quickly moved to block the door. It was likely that others possessed a key to this room, and all others, and Jonrah was reluctant to allow this to be a widely-viewed event.

Jonrah was unarmed, save for a small knife in his boot. He had abandoned his sword and his shield along with his armour back on the mountain, and now he was having doubts about his ability to savour the torture with his bare hands.

If the boy had been nearer to Jonrah's own age, he would have remained merciless, but in a way, this was exactly what Jonrah was fighting against. This was what The Fall were trying to escape from, and this was the kind of behaviour that The Eden would support. Hell, they would welcome Jonrah into their ranks, was he not brutally beating one of their own.

Each blow to the boy was shared by Jonrah himself. Although he displayed no scars or wounds, he would remember the face of the boy for the rest of his life. The silent submission. The knowledge that any information he gave up would not quench his captor's thirst for the truth.

Jonrah let his guts twist with agony as he watched the boy spit out a single tooth, dislodged from his mouth, accompanied by a thick stream of ruby blood. He did not scream, nor did he so much as whimper. The Eden ran a tight ship, no doubt.

Slumping against the now bare walls, Jonrah put his head in his hands, not so much with regret, but with silent desperation. He promised himself that this was necessary, but he hoped that the boy would yield soon enough, to spare both himself and his attacker the anguish of continuing the torture.


The boy was unaware of what information he should share. Jonrah had not spoken a word through their interaction, and although the crippled youngster knew of Jonrah's need for knowledge regarding his journey to Rensh, the reason remained in the dark. For that reason, the boy was unable to select which piece of information was wisest to surrender, therefore ensuring his own safety whilst securing the safety of The Eden.

As if Jonrah could read the boy's mind, he spoke through sniffles and sobs. 'I need to get to Rensh soon ... he will die ... invader took my son ...' This last statement was barely audible, and if it had not been for the complete silence in the room-turned-cell, the boy would not have heard it. But he was thankful he had. He knew of such incidents.

'I...' he panted, 'know where... You can find your son...' He let out a wheezy cough, and spat out a little more blood, which splattered onto the wall, spraying slightly, but hitting neither of them.

Jonrah looked up from his hands.

The End

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