Chapter Thirty-Seven: Red Sky in the Morning

The sun was rising. Ellnar was awake, and had been for several hours now.

After gazing out at the land for some time, Jonrah tried to get back to sleep, curling up, even though the night was not particularly cold. However, the dreams that waited for him made Jonrah reluctant to drift off, and so to kill some time, he went gathering, searching for any food he could save for his journey through the Raggen Pass, which would no doubt prove to be scarce of food.

The darkness revealed little, and by the end of his search, Jonrah had hardly added much to the pouch of berries already on Ellnar’s saddle. Nourishment would have to wait; Jonrah had gone 48 hours without food, and was sure that he could do again. Two days should be plenty time to cross the rocky path that lay ahead.

But would two days prove long enough for Jodar?

Jonrah questioned himself. He was unsure of whether he was taking too long, dawdling behind like a fool, when he should be on the go, non stop. He had been distracted by too many other elements in his search for his son. Time was rapidly running out, Jonrah could feel it. Two days through the Pass, another to reach Rensh. Five days in total. Why would Gurden keep a young boy of no real use for five whole days, wasting his time, trying to get him to the other side of Crensun? What was his reason?

What justifies the actions of a madman?

It was like a riddle; a riddle to which Jonrah did not know the answer. He hoped that his quest would provide one, and sooner rather than later.

Jonrah did not bother to hide the remains of his burnt out fire. The smoke had cleared, and would have been invisible in the dark, and The Eden were aware of his presence now, so they would no doubt be heading after him one way or another.

Untying Ellnar, and giving her an affectionate stroke, he felt as if she had been destined to find him, or him her. Together, they were going to find Jodar, and Jonrah was thankful for her instant faithfulness toward him. Today would prove to increase their union. They could get to know one another more. And Jonrah looked forward to it.

Holding her by the reins, Jonrah led her through the trees, in the direction he had discovered led to the plains once more, and when the trees cleared, Jonrah looked out upon the plains, which were as of yet not teeming with patrols, scouring the land for Jonrah like insects for dirt. Although the day seemed to begin peacefully, Jonrah feared the end would not reflect such tranquillity.

Mounting up, he let took a moment to look around once more, allowing Ellnar to do the same. Both took a deep breath, as if preparing to plunge themselves into a cold river, the current sweeping them away, relinquishing them of their control. Effectively, that was the situation Jonrah found himself in, but he did not let it bother him.

Giving Ellnar a light dig in her side, she began at a trot, slowly building up to a gallop, albeit a relaxed one, not wanting to overexert herself too early in the day.

The sun rose, shedding red light on the ground before them. Jonrah felt the noose tighten around him as the sky was tainted by the symbolic colour of The Eden.

The End

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