Chapter Three: A Familiar Message

Jodar burst through the door, out of breath and red in the face. Jonrah quickly concluded that he had been out adventuring. Most likely attacking trees, talking about demons, the typical young boy activity.

But it was rare that he should look this flustered after being out to play. He had evidently been over-exerting himself, and was now paying the price.

'What's the hurry, son?' Jonrah asked playfully.

Through gasps for air, Jodar managed to get out the message he had been meaning to for a while.

'I was fighting pretend demons, when I found something!'

'Ah, not just a mere adventurer, but a treasure hunter now, are we?'

Jonrah ruffled his son's light brown hair, similar to that of Karlin. His own hair was jet black, as his father's had been. He had been told as a boy that his family were descended from mighty wild cats. Big, black shadows that could stalk their prey for hours without the slightest frustration befalling them. As a child, Jonrah had loved these stories, and he frequently told them to Jodar in the hope that he too enjoyed them.

His happy memory was interrupted by his son's small hand slapping onto the table in front of him, where he left something that camouflaged well with the colour of the table, which was made of a red wood of the tree that surrounded Litana.

'I found this in a tree I was fighting!'

Although Karlin would not be happy that Jonrah was encouraging this, he asked, 'You were fighting? Did you win?'

'I slayed a demon with a thousand arms and a thouand eyes!'

'Good boy!' Jonrah took a moment to look at the small piece of leather, only a few inches square, that his son had found in the forest.

It was black on one side, and seemed only to be creased in the place where it had been neatly folded in two, obviously by he who had placed it in the tree.

Turning it over curiously, Jonrah beheld an unfamiliar symbol that, whilst foreign to him, seemed somewhat familiar.

It was neatly drawn in thick black ink: a fancy 'J' with a small line coming from the right hand centre, which then bent to lead down, making the symbol look like an 'h' with a line on top.

Jonrah couldn't understand the symbol at first, but the more he stared at it, the more familiar it seemed. He realised that this was going to bug him.

'What is it?' Jodar interrupted his father's trail of thought.

Jonrah snapped out of the daze that the symbol had put him in, and shook his head. 'I don't know, son. I recognise it, but can't say from where or when. I guess it's just a mystery never to be solved.'

He smiled at his son, who once again ran out the door. Shouting after him, Jonrah reminded him that dinner was only a few minutes away, and his son shouted that he would return in time.

Letting his son's words pass right over him, Jonrah studied the symbol once more, unable to explain its meaning, or why it seemed so strangely familiar...

The End

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