Chapter One: A Brief History

Litana was the perfect place for Jonrah and his family to make their home.

Ruled by the powerful but in no way reckless King Hedrun Lito III, Jonrah had lived here since he was a child.

He had trained in swordsmanship here since he had been only five, as his father had been a loyal guard to King Lito II, who had stepped down for his son to take over only seven years ago.

His father had tragically been killed defending the former king when Jonrah had been only twelve, and he had had to live with his mother and provide for the family since then.

After his mother had passed away only several years later, Jonrah had been drafted into the King's personal guard, and had fought alongside the most talented warriors in all of Crensun.

This is how he had met his beautiful bride, Karlin. In an attempt to overthrow King Lito II, an army from an opposing kingdom, that of King Grans to the west, had planned and executed a surprise attack on the city of Litana, and as a result, many had lost their lives.

Homes had been destroyed by flames, and it was in a daring rescue that Jonrah had met Karlin.

Twelve years his junior, she had been the modest age of thirteen when he had watched her home burn. Entering and attempting to save those that he could, Jonrah was saddened to see that she was the only survivor. They had wedded three years later, she sixteen and he twenty-eight.

The next year, King Lito III had come into power, and within only two years had cleaned the city up and made a fresh start, putting the devastating attacks of King Grans behind the people.

However, the events that had unfolded had really opened Jonrah's eyes to the horror of war, and as a result, he stepped down from the King's guard shortly before wedding his bride.

Now thirty-six, Jonrah was proud to say that in eight years he had found insufficient reason to once again handle a blade.

The End

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