The Division of Crensun, Book I: Jonrah

The realm of Crensun is not as it once was.

Various kingdoms seek to control the land, and they fight amongst themselves to gain what they seek.

However, they are blinded by their greed, and are blissfully ignorant of the varying cults that are forming in the East; cults that wield the power to change the world of Crensun and streak the sky with darkness.

Prologue: Aftermath

Tears trickled down his cheeks as Jonrah lay on the cold cobblestone road, numb from the neck down.

'This can't be it,' he cried to himself, 'this can't be the end.'

His words came out as no more than a croak as he felt the blood from his organs fill his mouth and dribble down his face.

Jonrah had lost everything to the group of bandits that had raided Litana, the kingdom that Jonrah called home.

They were hooded. Black serpents creeping through the shadows of the night, taking him by surprise.

To try to achieve closure, Jonrah looked back over the incidents of the past few days, and tried to explain the sudden attack that had befallen him and his family.

The End

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