A Friendly Debate

Flagstaff clapped his hands in excitement. “Finally! I knew you’d have a change of heart. I was beginning to think you were completely hopeless, Samuel, choosing to be a caged dog of the military over eternal paradise.”

“Hey now, I’m doing a service to my country. You have your philanthropy; well, this is my contribution to humanity,” Sam declared.

Flagstaff’s objection was swift. “That may be so, but my charity money isn’t being used to kill everyone the government finds distasteful.”

“Would you like me to give you a list of all the attempted terrorist acts I’ve stopped, in just the last five years?” Sam retorted.

“I will acknowledge that there is good coming out of this, my friend, but you’re still just their obedient pet.”

“It doesn’t matter how they see me,” Sam disputed, “I’m using my immortality for the betterment of our country. As long as I get a sense of moral integrity and personal fulfillment from my actions, I'll play fetch.”

Flagstaff nodded, and took a sip of his cocktail. “... They’re not just going to let you run off and seek out the Divine Pardoning when it arrives, Sam. You’re America’s secret weapon, worth any number of WMDs. Giving you up would be a worse decision than Vietnam.”

“I know that, Gabriel.”

“Gabriel II, actually. So? What’s the plan?”

Sam’s eyes peeked over his shades as he cast a friendly glance at his fellow immortal. “I’m hoping you’ll be there to help me out, when the time comes?”

“Of course.”


The End

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