the landing journy

oh raying your jacket  tyer said in horror

its ok its been worse ww3 i was a teen trooper raying said

every one was silent

so let me sum this up raying said firmly you are from diffrent nations am i right

you big tribel like guy  2 years ago the zulus conqured all of africas tribes and half of africa 

you biker guy buy the look of your jacket your from hells angels your people the riders terroirsed the united nation till that gave you two states of america

i dont know what the hell you are or were your from turtel alien thing

sqiwmps you are popular pets i see ive never had one. dident the rodant people use you as exspolives

raying found a doorway

ah ha raying shouted

whoa a  a.u.r  robot from the kaig millatry auto upgrading robot

does not aplly the machine said

raying opens him up to find  a puney octoupus thing

hey your puprple hhaa raying laughed

whos the main gunner raying asked

he went up to see a man with a unnited nation epelets

oh thank god some one from homeland

raying stepes forward but treads on a rifel

what are you doing the gunner shouted

he turend round to see a person with the same symble as he dose he was delited

hey rookie a homelander like us he shouted

a clumsy man walked out of a door  good to meet you sir

 how long till we land tyer. raying asked tewnty mins

The End

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