The crew. by willanatorls

"were am I" Raying was shocked.

"Who are you?"

"Dont worry just hold still."

 The girl covered Raying's wounds.

"What happend to you?" 

Raying was silent.

"Is my weapon ok?" Raying asked.

 "Yer I fixed it you owe me".

The biker gave raying his weapon.

"Your all different I mean that why is a junkie biker with a alien?!" Raying asked. 

"We're a group of people who want to expore and help our side"

You said it!

A tiny fluffy thing jumped on raying head. Rayings hair was messed up now because the litte thing sat on his hair.

Raying was confused .

"Come on jalei dont be shy come one are you gonna spent your life in there". the thing said.

"Who are you?"Raying asked  "im trub"


"Tyer dose this ship have toilet?"

"Yeah at the back"

"Thanks" Raying went to the back and he saw a trible warrior.

"Err hello".

He ignord raying staring at him.

Raying looked at him self in the mirror.

"So this is who i am a 19 year old boy who cant control his cruse why me? why my people".

"They will suffer".


"Err tyer the ship has no fuel".

"leave it to me"

raying stood up and droped his weapon.

"Il get some fuel"

"Wait  you forgot ur weapon".  jalei said.

"I wont need it".

"i wont be long".

"ok! bi.

Raying went out to find some fuel.

Raying found some fuel but as he went to grab it a huge orc went at him with a huge axe. The oprc grunted witch side are you on.        "Not on yours raying shoutid. The orc grabed raying by the neck crushing him. As the axe was about to hit him rayings arm turend green and claws came out of his hand he ripped the ork to shreds. Raying turned normal again. He grabed the fuel and retund to th ship. Back at the ship raytold tyer to go to a certin place

They got ready and flew of into the sun set

The End

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