The Dissection

just a random story

 I looked at her teacher, a blank stare sweeping across my face.
"Liana, we simply want you to cut into the frog. Like Brandon." Mrs. Anderhowsen pointed over at Brandon Cassell. Of course she pointed at Brandon. The one kid she had to point at and it had to be my crush. Way to go Mrs. Anderhowsen.
"I understand. I just...don't want to. Can't I just watch someone else disect theirs?" I ask in panick. I hate disections. We have one every year and they KILL me.

"Well I suppose. Why don't you watch Brandon? He seems to understand perfectly." She smiles a little too sweetly, then walks away to help another student. I casually stand and walk over to his table. His face is looking down on the dismantled frog, studying it like his life depends it on. I stand awkwardly behind him and clear my throat. God, he is so cute.

"So Liana, what your supposed to do is cut it like this, see?" But im not really watching. Im staring at him when he looks down. And when he looks up im looking at the frog. But not REALLY looking at it.....more like staring straight through it. Hoping he'll look down again...

"Yeah, I see."

"So why didn't you want to cut your frog?"

"Umm...well I don't really like....dissecting things...." At least that was true. I really don't like dissecting. It makes me want to puke a million times.

"Oh." He puts down his tools and then makes a motion towards the seat next to him.

"You do realize you can sit down, right? No one said you had to stand."

"Oh yeah....I was just...." I sit down before I sound like  a total idiot. God, he must think im stupid or something. Nice going, Liana. Real smooth.

He smiles. "I really wish you liked cutting the frogs. They are really intersting once you get past the fact that it was once living..."

"Yeah I suppose. But i can't get past that fact."

"Hmm. Well If you look at it like a puzzle that needs to be solved, it comes easier."

"I dont like puzzles." I say.

He laughs, that adorable grin flashing across his face.  "But life is a puzzle."

The bell for 3rd period rings. I stand up.

"Well, see ya next class." I blurt. Then I grab my purse and run out the door.

"See ya!" he says as I turn out the door.

Life Is a puzzle, huh? That would explain why I can't figure it out

The End

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