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Young Peyton Waker lives a life of solitude and survival in her communistic city where technology has taken over. She has no allies and nothing left to live for until one night she meets a young man who will provide the key to changing her life forever.

The rain was coming down in blankets on her hair, soaking through her clothes and causing her to repeatedly wipe the water from her eyes. Nothing could stop her from getting back to the hut; she was far too determined to reach it. She ran with quickened breath and held the bag of fabrics she had scavenged from the city garbage disposals with a relentless tightness. If she dropped the bag she knew an entire night would have been wasted. Other than her feet pounding the cement ground and sometimes making a splash in the various puddles that riddled the road before her everything was silent. It would have been unnerving but she was desensitized to it, just as she was desensitized to the almost black darkness that consumed and surrounded her every night. The only thing that still bothered her was the rain, she hated the rain.

                Usually stars could have guided a weary traveller’s path in the dark, but not here. Clouds and smog always covered the only source of light available after the city’s day had been finished and the citizens were safe in their homes. Amidst the quiet there was a sudden loud and persistent noise, seemingly beginning at that very moment but needing no time at all to warm up. It was starting to become louder in the distance behind her. She stopped dead in her tracks, trying to quiet her breathing enough to distinguish the sound. Almost instantly she could hear the metallic buzzing and heavy cracks on the pavement; the familiar sounds told her everything she needed to know. With a new and adrenaline aided sprint, she ducked into a side street that was a bit ahead of her, stopping just behind the steel wall of one of the buildings that created it. The thing was reaching her more and more quickly, but she continued to stare out at the street she was on moments before, holding the disposal that was in front of her with a firm grip and widened eyes. As it reached the entrance to the alleyway the Cy had stopped. It looked in front of it and then behind it, it’s red glowing eyes never blinking. Finally, to Peyton’s horror, it swung it’s metal head toward the disposer that was her cover. She shut her eyes tight and slid down lower, repeating her chant over and over in her mind.

This isn’t how I die.

This isn’t how I die.

This isn’t how I die.

                She heard the now slow footsteps reaching her and removed her gun from it’s holster, eyeing it with a cold glare. She wished she didn’t have to use it but knew it was the only way. When she saw the first iron foot step in front of her she stood up and held her gun out towards the Cy’s face.

                “Fuck off.” She muttered. Peyton pulled the trigger and stumbled a bit as the shot wore on. The bullet entered the middle of the Cy’s forehead and it’s eyes cooled down. Without a sound or a reaction the machine fell to the ground. She was about to run away when something strange caught her eye. She turned around slowly and squinted her eyes at the strange figure that now lay in front of her, looking dead rather than destroyed. Every Cy she had encountered for the last 20 years had been a metallic shell of computer programing and human memories, this one however, had red thick hair and freckles. It was overwhelmingly muscular, if you could call it that, and had definitely been male. She furrowed her thick eyebrows and shook her head. She tried to convince herself that this was just like every other time, but couldn’t shake the feeling that she had murdered one of her own. Her eyes widened slightly before

The End

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