On The Run and Then Some

     Before I left the house, I hacked into Mom's safe. For some reason, she mistrusts banks and chooses to keep all her money here. She also doesn't like cash. She's afraid that she'll lose the crisp dollar bills as soon as she puts them into her wallet. So she keeps a variety of cards. Each card has about five hundred dollars on it. As I was slipping a whole box of cards into the bag, I laughed at myself. Imagine. Marla Summers stealing from her own mother's safe. I was planning to pay it back though. As soon as I got “better.”

      I get on a bus silently and slide into a seat. The images outside the window whiz by so quickly that I can only catch bits and pieces of it. But I can already see what's outside in my mind. The City of the House. I can imagine every glittering skyscraper, the tips of them disappearing into the clouds. The people with their perfect hair, perfect bodies. Most likely the best employees of the President's glorious city. When you become promoted to the top of your work, you are immediately transported to the City of the House. The closer to the President you are, the more loyal you'll likely be. My own mother recently got promoted, but we still only live on the edge of the City of the House. My thoughts drift away as I see the Crystal Caduceus Hospital. Built entirely of glass, the hospital towers above the other hospitals near it. It's not as big as a skyscraper but you can barely see the crystal caduceus at the top, for which it was named. I hop off the bus and still keep my hood drawn. The doors slide open smoothly and I wonder if the President ever thought of using the money built on his precious City for the lower-class citizens, who actuallyneedit.

     A blond beautiful woman clicks her fuchsia heels toward me.Typical blond secretary,I think to myself with a snort. As she comes closer, I see that she has a fuchsia star tattooed onto the corner of her left eye. Her lips, I can see, are permanently dyed the same fuchsia. What Dr. Frazier finds so attractive about that, I find hard to understand. I roll my eyes and meet eye contact with her and stifle a laugh as I see that even her eyes are fuchsia. That's going too far for me. “Miss Summers,” she states in a commanding voice, looking back down at her tablet.

     She doesn't glance up, only rapidly types into the tablet. “Here to see Dr. Frazier, I presume.” It wasn't a question. I don't know what to say, so I keep silent. She suddenly walks away and I sprint to catch up to her. “Um...Ma'am? Ma'am!” I say, running. She waits for me at the other end of the room, on a glass disk. I step onto it gingerly. As soon as I'm on, it skyrockets to the top floor. Why Dr. Frazier chose to have his office on the highest floor, I don't understand. She immediately begins walking as soon as we arrive and I think to myself,Typical blond bossy speedy secretary. I see Dr. Frazier and nearly jump out of my skin. The visions bring me into a nightmare but I'm out of it as Dr. Frazier puts a steady hand on my arm. “Marla, are you quite all right?” he asks curiously. I can't bring myself to speak so I simply nod. He leads me into his office and speaks again. “Now what brings you here without your mother? Is she harmed? Do you need me to check on her?” He speaks quickly and I have to strain my ears to listen to his soft velvety voice. I shake my head and finally croak out a, “I think I'm going insane, Dr. Frazier.” He stares at me, his black eyes searching mine. Finally he says, “And why is that?”

     So I tell him my story. From beginning to end, like all stories go. There's a long silence before he speaks, but not to me. He presses a button on his desk, one that I hadn't noticed before, and says, “Send a red alert to the President. Tell him it's happening.”

The End

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