I am on the floor, gripping the seat of my chair and looking terrified upat my mother. She's staring at me, confused, hand still daintily holding the fork, still halfway to her mouth. I get up, feigning a smile. “Oops, must've slipped and fell. You should get the maid to clean a little better. I think I'm going to get ready for school. See you this afternoon, Mom.” The words seem to come out of my mouth of their own accord and I don't mind. The last thing I need to tell my mother is that she looks like a decayed corpse. I run up the stairs, so fast I'm afraid I might trip and fall. At last I reach my room. The blankets on my bed are still as rumpled as they were before, and I gratefully fall into it. I lie there, inhaling and exhaling, wondering when these nightmares will end. I train my eyes on the ceiling, cleaning my head of the images. I notice something blinking on the ceiling. I stand onto my bed and jump until my fingers skim the ceiling. I quickly grab at the blinking object and I look down at my hand. It's a tiny device, a- The front door slams and I wince as I remember the vision. I know that I must be going crazy, so I think of Dr. Frazier. I had always thought he was a rather strange person, the way he always chose to keep his hair a bright bright orange. When I was younger, he frightened me but now, I only thought of him as a silly toddling old man. He was a genius when it came to fixing injuries though and a fleeting thought crossed my mind. Could he cure insanity?

     The one thing I did know was that I couldn't come back to the house. The vision of my mom turning into a decayed corpse was enough. If I saw one again, I knew that I would really go crazy. I slip on a sweater jacket and pull the hood up around me. I grab my pack, stuff everything I can into it, and stop as I see my reflection in the mirror. A pale face with wide, frightened eyes stares back at me. This was not me last year. This was not me before my birthday. This is me now, and I'm going to change it.

The End

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