The Vision

     I wake up with a gasp. It had become worse. These sort of dreams had been seeping into my mind since my birthday, a few months before. What kind of sixteen year old receives these kind of nightmares for their birthday? I didn't understand them either. I shove the thoughts of these dreams away as I get out of bed. I slip into the bathroom and blink twice. Only yesterday my mother and I moved into this gigantic new house. I was unused to my surroundings, a feeling I didn't quite like. Only yesterday did I begin getting the visions...

     Having these kind of nightmares was frightening enough, but getting visions during the day? That's even worse. Just yesterday I was sitting outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun. As I watched a woman jog down my street, everything suddenly turned dark. The woman's face turned toward me but it was abnormal. Rotting flesh, rank breath, empty eye sockets. One hand reached up toward me, as if to wave, but it was rotted. As it moved, I saw a whole chunk of hand fall off. But it wasn't just the woman. The landscape also looked rotted. The sun was pale and looked as if it were about to fall out of the sky. Everything was wilting or dead. And in another split second, everything was normal again. The jogger was staring at me worriedly. I didn't understand what had happened just then and I didn't afterwards either.

     I walk downstairs and see my mother at the breakfast bar, inputting what she wanted for breakfast into the breakfast bot. The breakfast bot complies and spurts out a fruit salad. Mother takes a bite of it and closes her eyes in pleasure. I laugh and sit down beside her. She's beautiful, with her silky dark hair and mysterious dark green eyes. People say that I would look like her except for the eyes. My eyes are an electric blue, taken after my father, who was rumored to be killed in a war. Or so my mother says. I still believe that he's alive, just MIA. My mother still keeps the medal of valor beside her on the bed every night.

     Mom's voice brings me out of my thoughts. “Marla, this robot is fantastic! Do try it for me, won't you?” I laugh again. Mom acts like a kid most of the time, and I often feel as if I'm the adult. I glance at her and gasp in spite of myself. Another vision. She is no longer beautiful and her hair is falling. As she speaks, rotting teeth chatter but the voice is horrifying. As an eye falls out of one of her eye sockets, she speaks in a horrifyingly beautiful voice. And all of a sudden she screams and the vision is gone.

The End

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