The Disease Undone

     He was leaning over a microscope, one of the newer models. Sweat poured down his forehead. The President would do anything to get this antidote fixed. He felt the President's eyes on him and he worked faster. He knew he was close. He thought of his wife and son, quarantined at a nearby facility. The epidemic had reached nearly everybody in the city. Finally, with careful hands, he poured the antidote into a test tube. He turned around. “Mr. President, it's been-” Dr. Schafer stopped as he saw his own son dragged in by two guards, pale and shivering. His son's arm flesh was half eaten away and his son looked painfully up at his father. “Do give him the antidote, Dr. Schafer,” said the voice lurking in the shadows. Dr. Schafer looked shockingly toward the voice and with trembling hands, he let one drop fall into his son's imploring mouth. Immediately, the son's skin tone began turning back to normal, the eaten flesh repairing itself. The President spoke in his eerily thin voice saying, “Thank you for your services, Dr. Schafer.” Immediately following, there were two gun shots and thuds as the father and son's bodies fell to the ground. One of the guards picked up the antidote and poured it into a red vial. The new concoction bubbled and simmered. The President chuckled and a pale scaly hand shot out and snatched the concoction. The chuckle became louder and louder...

The End

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