Chapter 6Mature

 As they closed on their destination they had already entered Canberra and were in the process of putting on their armour. With the Tech spooks help they managed to get their armour on in less than twenty minutes and by that time they were nearly at the coordinates that Reaver had given them. When they got there all Mortis saw was an underground car park under a shopping mall to his left and a side street with a few shops to his right. “Maybe this is the wrong place” whispered Hood “no this is the right place” said Night Hawk. Suddenly a shadow sped into the middle of the road it looked at them and pointed down the tunnel to the car park then disappeared down the tunnel. “That looked like Shadow” said Hood “and how would you be able to tell if that was Shadow, there’s no way anyone could tell” replied Night Hawk in an aggravated tone. “No that was Shadow” says Mortis “did you see the way he moved, and that cloak looks familiar”. Night Hawk looked at them both in disbelief “Care Bear get the driver to take us down the tunnel” said Mortis “ya, sure” said he in a foreboding voice. As they began to descend the tunnel they all readied their weapons and looked around for any warning of an enemy attack. “Hey there are lights on down here!” shouted Care Bear. As they levelled out in the underground car park they saw that the whole space was taken up with piled cars that created a fortress with a great double door in the middle and in front of the door stood a Demon in full body armour holding a mace in one hand and a shield in the other. “That’s Chaplain” shouted Mortis and then he leaped out of the Raiders trailer before anyone could stop him he hit the ground running towards his friend. Chaplain looked at Mortis and holstered his mace, put his shield on his back and stretched out his arms “Mortis!” He shouted “it’s been too long my friend, too long indeed” they clasped each other’s right hand and put their left hand over each other’s shoulders. “I thought you went missing during ‘Project Glacier’” says Mortis astonished “I did and I still am” replies Chaplain in a dark tone as he removed his helmet to reveal a gaunt face with intense blue eyes, short black hair and a scar over one of his eyes beginning at forehead, ending at the top of his eyebrow and then beginning again bellow his eye all the way down to his cheek, “and we would like to keep it that way”. As the rest of them came and joined Mortis and Chaplain they exchanged greetings and asked questions until Chaplain told them that ‘all would be revealed once we’re inside’  with that said they all went inside the fortress and found that it was a research base. “We’ve all been down here for over a year and now that you guys are here we can finally test out Project Glacier” said Chaplain with a note of excitement in his voice. Mortis looked around and saw that the walls were all honey combed with hallways and ladders leading to different levels of the fortress but all the defences seemed to have been constructed to protect what was at the centre of the Fortress. “So wait what is Project Glacier?” asked Hood as they walked towards the centre of the complex “all in good time Hood, all in good time” says Chaplain in a mischievous voice that spoke volumes of how long he’d waited for this day. When they got to the centre of the fortress they found their way blocked by a giant door that looked bigger than the one outside. Chaplain removed his gauntlet and put his hand to a pad in the wall next to the door, there was a beeping and then the pad turned white and displayed the words ‘Chaplain Head Security Officer’. “It took us five months to get the door up and running and by then we already had the rest of the fortress finished and up to standards” Chaplain said in a matter of fact voice. They crossed the threshold and into a room. The first thing Mortis noticed was that the whole room was white, the floor was just the pitchmen of the car park painter white, it had a domed ceiling with a small area at the top that was covered in shadows and had a few beams crisscrossing the space. The room was empty except for a suite of armour that looked like a piece of Helios armour gone to town, it had massive gauntlets that looked like giant laws and shoulder pauldrons looked as if they had been made of pure Kevlar, it reminded Mortis of a suite space marines armour from the Warhammer 40K games he and his friends had played before the incident. Cords and leads connected the suite to batteries, power points and computers in the centre of the room. “Project Glacier is a suite of armour?” asks Care Bear “well not just any suite of armour” says Chaplain “this suite of Helios armour is the most technologically advanced piece of armour we have access to and guess who gets to use it” smirks Chaplain “who?” asks Hood “why, Care Bear of course” answers Chaplain.


T looked down at a fellow Demon who was lying on the ground with a smashed eye lens that had had a bullet go through it. “Lucky shot” T whispered as he knelt down by his fellows side, he crossed the Demons arms over his chest and picked him up and walked over to the truck one of the Worshippers had brought to take away the dead. He looked at the helmet of the Demon; it was battered and dented with a few scratches it looked as like a platinum skull with the top of the jaw ending at his chin. T deposited the Demon onto the truck and walked over to Daniel “you look terrible” he said and he truly did, he had a gash over one cheek and a hole in his leg were a bullet missed the bone and went straight through and out the other side. He looked up at T and said “you don’t look any better” T removed his helmet and smiled down on him “well at least I didn’t confuse the enemy with a few friendly’s” Laughed T “you’re never going to let me live that one down are you?” T looked at him bemused “no” he said simply. “So what’s next?”Asks Daniel “what do you mean?” says T with a confused look on his face, “well, where do we go from here?” Daniel says looking up at T with a grin on his face “I mean we won didn’t we?” T looked at him with a passively “yes we won, but our victory cost us. We were deceived by our last engagement with your people and thought them broken but the still managed to take us by surprise with reinforcements, and so we must make sure not to make that mistake again for it may cost much more next time around.” “so does that mean we’re going back to Monaro?” Daniel asks in a voice of hope and wonder “it may mean that, but what do you plan to do once you are there? There is plenty of work to be done and the Demons and Worshipers need more men, the farmers are low on hands and the Manufactories that need anyone with a scrap of knowledge on software and mechanics and then there’s the capitol itself.” “I plan to enlist in the Demons and help those like myself to be liberated and brought back to Monaro” Daniel looked at T with the look of conviction in his eyes, as he said this he got to his feet shakily “it looks like the trucks are starting to move out” said Daniel “so it” says T in a barely interested tone, he helped Daniel to one of the trucks and then got into another, they started to move and Daniel fell asleep almost immediately.

The End

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