Chapter 5Mature

The next night at 11:00 when the fog was thickest and there was no chance of anyone seeing them Mortis, Hood, Night Hawk and Care Bear started to pack. After they had all gotten their gear onto the Raider, a cargo truck that had been armed up and with the trailer more resembling an armoured carrier than a trucks trailer, they put on their armour for the coming carnage. Mortis turned to get Cruor when he noticed a shadowy figure in a cloak and hood standing under a tree not too far from the road he bent down to pick up Cruor and pull a combat knife from a concealed sheath on his back; he looked back up and saw that the figure was gone, he started to pull the blade from its sheath, but then he sensed movement from behind him he spun around and put the knife to Care Bears throat. “Hey” he shouted with astonishment “what’s that for?” Mortis lowered the knife and looked around “sorry… I thought you were someone else” Care bear looked around and whispered “unless you’ve been seeing things we’re the only ones here” he looked into Mortis’s helmet lenses and turned to get back into the trailer. As Mortis turned back to have a last look around he came face to face with the shadowy figure it pulled its hood down and Mortis found himself staring into a face with a pair of big hazel eyes, full lips and long brown hair that glistened. “Hello Mortis” said Night Shade with a purr in her voice “hello Night Shade” said Mortis in a more brittle voice “I was wondering if Reaver was just pulling my leg when he said that I was to have you to assist me on this mission” she said this in a seducing voice while tracing a finger across one of his shoulder plates “yes well he said that you needed help and that we had been chosen to assist in any way we can” said Mortis in a serious voice “any” she said cheekily “almost” he replied in a cold voice “well then let’s go and see all of your friends” she said as she walked over to the back of the trailer. This was going to be a long trip thought Mortis.

There were six rooms in the Raiders trailer and three of them were for storage the other three had two beds and a small table that had been bolted to the floor. The rooms were quite small and didn’t leave much room to move in. Mortis, Hood, Night Hawk, Care Bear and Night Shade all drew straws to see who got the room to themselves the winner being Night Hawk then Mortis, Hood and Care bear drew straws again to see who had to share a room with Night Shade. Mortis drew the short straw. As they were getting ready for bed Mortis was in his room reading. While Night Shade was checking all of her equipment in one of the storage rooms Night hawk poked his head in “what’s the matter with you” he said “why does this always happen to me” Mortis said under his breath “what are you so upset about?” asked Night Hawk “you get a room with a hot chick I mean what’s not to love?” “How about that she is a trained assassin that could slit my throat and still sleep soundly at night” said Mortis in an annoyed voice “was that your impression before or after you had slept with her?” Mortis threw his bag at Night Hawk and he leapt out of the way laughing as Night Shade came back to the room “what’s so funny?” she asks “oh nothing too much” says Night Hawk “Mortis here is just scared that you’re going to kill him in his sleep” she looked at him with a smile dancing around her eyes “don’t worry I won’t kill him. I’ve got better ideas than that”.

A few hours later Mortis woke with a start he’d had a dream that Night Shade had actually tried to kill him. He looked around and saw that Night Shades bed was empty, and then he looked down. She was snuggled up to him under his blankets. He extracted himself from the bed and, relieved to know that they were both still dressed, walked out to check on his armour. The Tech spooks from the Manufactories looked at him through goggles and glasses and from under hoods that did nothing to hide their pimply faces. Most of them were about thirteen to fifteen, except one who looked nineteen and was probably the one in charge. She wore a jet black robe with a hood, under the hood Mortis could see a small head set that had and held many tools and lights for the operations that the Spooks needed to keep his armour in working condition, he of course new some of the basics of armour maintenance but not much, only the things he had helped develop. Mortis went back to his room; Night Shade was still asleep, he put a shirt on and a jumper over the top and left to go up onto the roof. He climbed a ladder and opened the hatch that lead to the top of the Raider. It was a cold and foggy night, the moons distant rays of light could barley penetrate the fog layer and for that Mortis was glad ‘less of a chance anyone will notice us’ he thought. As Mortis climbed onto the roof he saw that Hood was up there in full armour, it had a long cloak that billowed in the wind like water and a characteristic hood that all of his armour types had, he also had his chain sword strapped to his hip and a rifle in his hands that made him look like a warrior of legend. Mortis took a few steps towards Hood as he turned to look at him; his helmet had the front half of a human skull screwed into to it and a burn mark on the forehead that looked like a gear with a blood drop in the centre ‘the mark of the Demons’ thought Mortis, his own armour had the mark either painted or etched into it somewhere. They both looked at each other for a moment longer and then Hood looked away Mortis walked over next to stand next to him “long night?” Hood asked “I wish” answered Mortis they both laughed.

The End

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