Chapter 4Mature

Mortis looked around; Bredbo hadn’t changed a bit since he had been there two weeks ago. The people were as he remembered, they were fairly rowdy but disciplined and they knew how to live and still have fun within the laws of the nation. He was heading to the main hub of Monaro’s Terror unit’s with Hood to file his report and stash his armour in his room, Care Bear and Night Hawk had split when they’d gotten there to attend to their own business, he had no idea what Care Bear was up to but he knew that Night Hawks idea of business after a mission always had something to do with a bed. They reached the building and went inside; it was an old roughly built shack with a door that was in need of repairs. Mortis looked around the floor and found the false floor panel, he lifted it without difficulty and let Hood go down, once he was in the hole he pulled the panel back into place and went to stand next to Hood, they walked down a corridor that was about one and a half meters wide and two tall, it had been dug out of the earth and then been reinforced with wood and metal support beams. The corridor was long and had many doors embedded into its walls. Mortis and Hood walked to the fourth door to their right knocked twice and entered. The room they entered was full of warm light coming from a fire place that had been dug from the wall and then had had the smoke redirected to the shacks chimney, there was also four tables that held the other members of different Terror units all sharing stories, eating, drinking and having a good time with what they could before their next mission. Mortis and Hood walked past them all, but not without acknowledging some of their friends and companions, and headed for the other end of the room which was where their rooms were. They headed through to their units main room and went to their own separate rooms that bordered it. Mortis looked at his room, it was small and Spartan like the only space that was used had a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. There was also a doorway to which was where he headed towards. He walked through the doorway, flicked a switch and a flickering light filled the room, on the wall to his right was a rack filled with all the weapons he owned an RPG, three rifles he didn’t know the names of and a machine gun, the wall to his left held an assortment of knives, blades and other specialist equipment and on the wall in front of him where two racks one of them had a set of Helios armour mounted in it. The suit had hooks at the end of each finger and on the chest and knees, it also had strange legs that looked similar to a cats back legs except these had cruel looking hooks for toes, mostly for hanging onto walls and other vertical inclines that couldn’t be scaled normally, but what had drawn Mortis to have them made for his suit was that they allowed him to jump incredible distances with the use of springs and pistons, mind they had taken him five months to be able to run in them and he was still a little rusty at landing on and clinging to another wall after a jump, but he was confident he could do it without too much hassle. He took off his helmet and placed it on the empty rack. He had slightly curly dark orangey brown hair that ran to the bottom of his ears and cold blue eyes that seemed to be hiding an inner darkness. He had freckles all over his face and pale skin from not having seen the sun in a long time. As he removed his armour he revealed broad shoulders and a skinny but muscled frame that spoke little of his true strength. After he was out of his armour he got out of his skin tight divers suit, the diver suit was used to prevent the armour from rubbing against his skin. He then got dressed in a plain grey shirt and blue jeans, he put a belt through the jeans and walked out of the room to go and sit with his friends when he almost ran headlong into Care Bear, who was still in his armour but had removed his helmet, he saw Mortis and said “ah so there you are” he looked around and said in a whisper “Mortis get Hood and meet at the hall, Atonement wants to see us” Mortis looked at him incredulously “I thought we had a week before our next mission?” “Listen all I know is that he wants to see our unit” and with that he walked past him and into their room to get out of his gear.


Mortis waited at the entrance of the hall with Hood and Night Hawk for Care Bear. When Care Bear finally got there he looked at all three of them exchanged pleasantries. Care Bear was a boy of about 19 years of age, he had a round face and blue eyes he had brown hair that was the same length as Mortis’s and a muscled structure that Mortis remembered back before the Incident had been covered in fat but now was quite lean and due to the circumstances he wasn’t surprised but still slightly unnerved that he had lost so much weight that it as if he always looked at him for the first time. Night Hawk on the other hand had long brown hair that went straight down to his shoulders and was tied back with a knife. He had blue eyes and an angular face. Hood had blue eyes and short blond hair that looked curly enough to be able to not run your fingers through it and hit a knot was out of the question. They all walked in and looked around. This was only Mortis’s third time in the hall so he didn’t see any changes it was still as crowded with people moving from cubicle to cubicle as before but now he saw that they moved with an urgent haste that said something big was about to happen. A boy of no older than eleven or twelve approached them “are you the 5thTerror unit” he asked in a quivering voice “yes we are” answers Hood the boy looked slightly more confident and said “then I’ll need you to come with me” he started walking towards the back of the hall where there was a stage with a massive home built room with a wide double door at the front. They approached the mass with ease, for people seemed to see who they were and would get out of their path. When they got to the doors Mortis thought he could hear music but with the constant chatter of people working and shouting at each other to be heard he couldn’t tell. They entered and when the boy closed the door behind them the room was silent except for the music Mortis had heard before entering. The room was well furnished and had a desk in the middle with a boy around the same age as Mortis, he had short, straight blonde hair that had been cut by someone other than himself and was neat, he was looking at some papers and an iPad that had a Word file on it. He looked up and stared at them for a moment then went back to what he was doing for a few minutes and then put everything away into draws in the desk. “So can I assume that none of you know the current status of resources at present?” he said in a commanding voice. “No sir” they all said in unison. “Then let me tell you that we are running low on fuel and other both basic and advanced resources, we have sent envoys to several neutral factions that may be willing to help us. But what we need is for the Cult of Tyranny to stop launch raids against our borders so as to stop the using up of resources. I am therefore sending you on a Hit and Run mission for the next month or so”. Mortis, Hood, Care Bear and Night Hawk all looked at each other and then back to Atonement “Sir when do we leave and how are we going to survive for a month without back up?” asked Mortis. “You will leave tomorrow in a Raider truck with Night Shade and then head to some pre-organised coordinates that will lead you to a safe house with all you will need.” There was a silence and then Mortis blurted out “but Night Shade could do this all by herself and not get a scratch on her!” “You may be right there but we need these supplies at all costs and I’m not going up in front of the committee because we failed to get the Cult to stop attacking us because we had an over exaggerated view on one of our peoples abilities, I don’t care for your relationship with her and I don’t care what happened between you two during the ‘Glacier project’ is that clear!” “Yes sir” said Mortis defeated. There was a long silence, ”so just to break the tension” said Hood “how many targets are there?” Atonement looked at hood and shook his head in disbelief then he looked up and said “there are three targets that need to be eliminated, the first two of them should be simple by your standards and need to say that we were there and that we killed them, the third however will be difficult and in need of some brilliance that I know Night Shade can be of help to get. The target is a high ranking leader of the Cult that likes to hold parties in a business building in Canberra, he is a bit a show-off so should be easy to get a reading of who he is but he’s no idiot, he has guards around him twenty-four-seven and almost always is accompanied by a friend or a person of interest so collateral damage is a go, but only for anyone he’s with”.

After they had left their briefing and exited the hall Night Hawk turned on Mortis “what was all that about?” they all looked at Mortis “what was all what about?” asked Mortis a look of shock on his face. “What do you mean what? What was all that about Night Shade?” Mortis looked instantly calm “we’ve had previous dealings with each other, and I’m leaving it at that” Mortis pushed through them and went back to the shack to pack his things for the road ahead, and after all he thought this is going to be a long trip, maybe we can put aside past mistakes or she’ll put a knife in your back when your asleep, nope this was just going to be another mission to regret and forget.

The End

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