Chapter 3Mature

‘This was what he lived for’ thought Mortis, to sow fear into the hearts of Monaro’s enemies. He had already killed two of the enemy soldiers and was now running towards the entrance of the outpost where two more soldiers were watching  the fight with expressions that suggested surprise and fear, as he ran one of the men pulled out a hand gun and began trying to shoot him, he almost laughed at the soldier because most of the shots missed and the rest harmlessly pinged off his armour and fell behind him broken and shattered, as he closed the distance he aimed for the one who was still trying to decide what to do when Mortis suddenly leapt and smashed into him with bone breaking force that sent the man tumbling head over heels into a pole with a dull thud, he didn’t get back up. The second soldier ran out of bullets and began to reload as fast as his shaking hands would let him but he dropped the ammo clip and looked up when he felt a stabbing pain in his chest only to see Mortis standing still in front of him with a short one edged  blade  protruding from his chest, he looked Mortis in the eyes and then looked back down at the blade and then back at Mortis, disbelief on his face, his legs went limp and he collapsed, Mortis drew the blade from his chest as he fell, dead before he had hit the ground. Mortis looked at his blade and marvelled at how the blood dribbled down the shaft. After his father had disappeared he had gone to his shed and taken the bayonet and named it ‘Cruor’, Latin for blood, after that he never let it leave his sight for more than a second, it was one of the only things he had left to remember his family. He looked up when he heard a revving sound that could only be a chainsaw of some kind, but it was only Hood with his custom built Chain sword. It was just a chainsaw except the blade was a meter long, with the motor as the guard and the revving trigger at the top of a thirty centimetre hilt, it was huge and was really something to behold seeing Hood at work with it, lopping off arms, legs and heads, and one boy Mortis saw had been sheared in two. He looked at the soldiers and then at his friends, he shouted through their radios “time to move out!” and he pulled out his pistol, it was a .44 magnum his father had owned before the incident, he took aim and fired at the closest target, he got the boy square in the chest, he flew backwards into one of his peers and then Mortis turned ran straight through the entrance of the fort and out into the world. He knew that the others would follow his lead and flee through any hole, nook or cranny that they could and all in different directions if possible, then they would all meet up at a pre-organised location before moving back to Bredbo to report and take a well deserved week off before embarking on their next mission.

Mortis was in a tree sitting on thick branch waiting for anyone to come into the clearing in front of him. His unit was using it as their rally point for a successful mission, he heard a noise and looked to a small cluster of bushes. Mortis dropped from a tree branch about five meters up hit the ground, rolled and came up standing in front of Care Bear, he didn’t even flinch, “nice to see you” he said in a slightly incredulous voice that really said ‘show off’ “same with you” said Mortis indifferently “have you seen the others yet?” he asked “yes, they’re just entering the brush by the south, and they both look in high spirits” he said haughtily. When Night Hawk and Hood came strolling into the clearing, Hood was still holding his chain sword propped up on a shoulder and Night Hawk had a small object in his hand. They announced that when they left, Night Hawk had had the luck of accidently running through the wall of the enemies food stall and had grabbed a bottle of apple cider. They all looked at the bottle in his hand and they all looked at him “you better plan on sharing that” said Mortis in a mildly hushed voice “oh don’t worry” said Night Hawk with a grin “there will be plenty to go round”. And they all enjoyed a couple of moments of peace and fizzy drink that burned their throats from unfamiliarity, once the drink was finished Night Hawk tied the bottle to his waist and they set off in the direction of Monaro in high spirits and content with a long nights work.


They had just finished raiding the Cults armoury when a patrol of three guards came through the door, Daniel leapt behind a weapons crate while T just stood his ground and pulled his two pistols out, fired at the first two to enter  hitting one of them in the chest and the other in the shoulder, he shot the second one again in the face he had killed the two boys of the  patrol before they had realised what had happened, the last one who was a girl managed to get two shots off and then was filled with bullets from T’s guns, he stepped over the corpses and into the hallway “are you coming or not?” he called back to Daniel. Daniel scurried after the giant and started to walk behind him, he asked “where did you learn to do that?” T kept on walking and then said “all in good time, if you can pass the tests”, he kept on walking and came to a door, tried door handle and found that it was locked, Daniel spoke up “this is the wrong way to get out of the building”, T took a step back and kicked the door down onto a very surprised guard that went down with the door, T put an enormous armoured foot down on the door and pressed, the boy under the door squealed, he bent down and said “you say anything and you’ll have wished I had crushed you here and now” the boy whimpered and T let him up “now run along” and with that the boy ran out behind T  and Daniel and through the doorway. “Now if I’m right there should be a dumpster just below one of these windows” said T in a cheerful voice, Daniel looked from the door to T and back again “you do know that he will probably bring back more people to try and take you down again” it wasn’t a question it was a statement, “ahaa “said T with a smile on his face “the bins a little further from the wall than I’d thought but we should still be able to make it” Daniel looked at him confused “what do you mean ‘make it’…” he trailed off “you don’t mean… we can’t make that!” “yes we can I’ve done something similar before” Daniel looked at him doubtfully “well if you won’t follow, good luck on getting out of here alive” and with that he shot the window five times, took a running start and smashed through the glass, he flew three metres and landed in the dumpster bin with no problems. Daniel heard the thumps of running footsteps he looked through the doorway and saw four of the guards running his way while pulling their guns from their jackets or holsters. He turned and ran as fast as he could, leaping through the window and felt a bullet go past his shoulder, he narrowly made the dumpster but landed unharmed, he got up and looked for T, he was by a section of the car wall that had no one on it because there wasn’t anyone attacking from that direction. He scaled the wall easily and stood on the walkway, Daniel followed, climbing up the wall was a lot harder for him, T looked over the edge and jumped. He landed, rolled and came up in a ready position with his rifle up sweeping the immediate area. He lowered his rifle and looked up at Daniel saying “your turn”. Daniel looked down his mouth dropping open and began to climb down the wall, he took longer than he expected but when had hit the ground T was waiting in the shadow of a nearby building. He looked at Daniel with what he guessed was curiosity or annoyance, T turned his head and said in a hushed but urgent tone “we need to go now!” he raised his rifle and began to run around the building circling it to go around the battle and back to his unit as quickly as possible. Daniel followed as fast as he could but even in his armour T was the faster runner. He stopped to catch his breath and saw T disappear around a corner; he heard a cry of alarm and some sporadic fire, the ping of bullets hitting metal and then silence. He was too scared to move when he heard T say in a casual voice “my turn” There were four shots and then silence again, T popped his head around the corner saying “so you coming or what”. Daniel hurried after him thinking ‘I should stop being surprised by what these guys can do’. He saw that T had found his unit and was already joining them in the battle; Daniel went over to him and said “so what do I do now?” T looked at him and grinned “you fight for us or you die with us”.

The End

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