Chapter 2Mature

Daniel was outside drowsily leaning against a pole when he heard “The Demons are coming! man the walls or I’ll have Thrasher give you a whipping!” being shouted by the person in charge of this particular building in Canberra over the speaker system, Daniel only heard him because the pole he was leaning against was one of the poles used  to broadcast the persons voice. So he got his gear which included a hunting rifle, a heavy chest plate and a knife that his father had given him before the Disappearance as it was known to the Cult of Tyranny, and the name was well chosen for they used threats and fear to inspire ‘bravery’ of a sort in their men, but it was all short lived because as soon as the enemy broke through the line all hell broke loose, and this time it’ll be literal thought Daniel as he mounted the wall that was mostly made of old cars stacked on top of each other,  two thick and three tall with a walkway in between the two sides and  from what he saw over the wall there were nine Demons and they had brought a Fire Devil as well, it was simply put, a basic set of the Demons armour except they didn’t carry a weapon, instead they had two armoured tanks on their backs full of oils, petrol’s, or sometimes even gas, these then had  pipes leading from the tanks to their hands with lighters at the end of them that they could somehow open and close by clenching or releasing their hands. The Demons had also brought about thirty of their lesser soldiers that he and the Cult referred to as Worshippers, the demons had seemed to taken a liking to the name because they now referred to them as Worshippers too. Most of them were small and weak looking compared to their armoured brethren but they were no less dangerous, they wore whatever armour plating they could get their hands on, he even saw one with a shield made from a car door, the weapons they carried where mostly pistols, blades, clubs, staffs and many other home made weapons with the occasional rifle or chainsaw, the most dangerous of these Worshippers were the ones who wore only what they needed and what they knew would protect them. He saw five of these veterans organising themselves behind a car in an orderly fashion that spoke of having done it a hundred times before.

 As he watched all of them getting into their positions he noticed everyone on the wall checking their equipment and ammo, he checked his rifles and ammo and he was running low, he also noticed that he was nearly alone on this section of the wall, and then he remembered that most of his old squad had been wiped out in the previous assault but they had still won, if that was the right word, by a narrow margin. For some reason the Demons had retreated and left for reasons unknown to him or his superiors, and to think if they had stayed they could have slaughtered every man and woman who would have opposed them in the outpost, and he himself was still only seventeen, he was tall for his age and had short brown hair that needed a wash and brown eyes that  looked as if they had never seen the promise of a warm bed, all he could think or say was “shit”, if he was going to die it wouldn’t be here and not for these people to whom he harboured no love or affection, not for the people who treated him as if he was nothing but dirt, he had had enough! So he slung his rifle and pulled out his pistol walking down the wall’s stairs to the courtyard he started to think ‘ok we have a captured Demon in our prison, if I free him he may get me out of here.’ One of the things he had noticed was that most Demons fought with a sort of honour and only hoped this Demon would be one of them. He made his way down to the main building they were defending, the building was huge and at least twenty stories high, it had once been an office building back before the Disappearance but now was more a ruin, overgrown with plants that no one cared to get rid of but not quite as bad as the buildings around it. It had smashed windows from raiders, stray bullets and the occasional suicide, Daniel pushed the thoughts aside and kept walking until he got to the main entrance, he looked in and saw the guards were looking ready for action, he walked with his hands raised saying “I have a message to deliver” and they let him pass unopposed. As soon as the guards were out of sight he started to run until he found a map that had been crudely drawn onto the wall with permanent marker. He waited and searched until he found the armoury on level two and the prison cells on level four. He would be needing some more weapons if he was going to make it out of here alive and started to make his way to the prison to look for the Demon named “T” although he didn’t think that was his real name, who would name their child “T”, oh well he thought as long as he can help me escape unscathed it should be fine. All he had heard about the boy was that he was the only Demon to have been captured by the Cult and that it had taken seven boys, two of which lost their lives, to get him into the cell. He peered around a corner and looked down a corridor, by the prison room Daniel saw that two guards were standing too either side of the door. They were both tall and seemed to be made of more muscle than anything else and they each carried a pistol. They were also some of the Trusted or Favoured of the Cult recognisable due to their three pointed star tattoos on their faces, they got whatever they wanted whenever it was available so that they would be loyal to the Cult of Tyranny and enforce loyalty in the lesser subjects. They were going to be a problem if he was going to free T, he was either going to have to shoot them now and have every guard coming his way from all over the building or see if T could kill them quietly for him, he decided on the latter, if he was going to get out f here alive he needed to do it as quickly and as quietly as possible. He holstered his pistol before walking around the corner. As he neared the guards he said he had to see a prisoner for reasons he couldn’t share, they both looked oddly at him but let him pass. When he got inside the prison, this being his first visit, he saw that the bars had all been crudely welded to the floor and that the doors didn’t look like they were meant to be opened. As he neared the cell with T in it he saw that the Demon had taken his helmet off. He was huge in his armour, even sitting down with his back to the wall, he looked about nineteen or twenty, he had medium long blond hair getting darker towards the scalp and a fair amount of face fat but not enough to render him fat or plump, he had blue eyes that looked almost empty of compassion or mercy and pale skin with a face that spoke of hard fought battles, the first thing that ran through Daniels head was ‘what had happened to this person?’, but then reality struck and he knew that he must look no different. He approached him with his hands out to his sides to show he meant no harm, T looked at him and then looked back down saying “if you’re here to try and get me to get my unit to stop attacking, go away now”, Daniel looked at him for a couple of seconds and said in confident voice that sounded nothing like the way he really felt “I’m not here to get them to stop attacking, I’m here to get you and hopefully myself as well out of this place and back to your unit” he waited for him to respond, as Daniel waited he studied T’s face and saw no emotions what so ever on that plastered mask until suddenly out of nowhere his face lit up with a grin that couldn’t have been possible for the boy sitting before him ten seconds ago, but he was already getting to his feet, with a slight clatter of moving armour and a speed surprising for his size, he rolled back his shoulders and stood with a scraping of metal.

 He stood nearly seven feet tall and must have weighed at least half a tonne with his armour on. The armour itself was battered but still quite smooth except for his right shoulder pad that had a segmented spike that curved upwards.  “Better stand back” T said to Daniel as he gripped the bars, Daniel was about to ask “why?” but the words died in his throat, T took hold of a bar in each of his armoured gauntlets, that more resembled claws, and started to pull the bars away from each other. Daniel couldn’t believe what he was seeing; T was bending the bars apart without even a grunt of effort. Daniel had thought that the Demons Strength was only over exaggerated but here he was witnessing that they were not exaggerated at all, there was a squealing, grating sound and one of the bars came loose while the other was bent at an awkward angle that only just let T squeeze between them. As he stepped out he retrieved his helmet from his thigh plate and put it on, Daniel saw him make some quick connections with his helmet to a neck brace before he turned a looked down at Daniel.

 He looked like a warrior from hell, his helmet had a large single horn that protruded from his forehead, it looked as if it had blood stains from the tip to half way down to the base, the helmet itself was circular, with blood red pointed eyes and what looked like filters attached to the cheeks, he looked over all very impressive and even more so intimidating, almost frightening. “There’s just one problem we need to deal with first” said Daniel in a less confident voice “there are two guards outside the door that are probably expecting trouble now, and if they’ve raised the alarm there will be plenty more.” T looked at Daniel with a gaze that could cripple an enemies resolve in seconds, Daniel thought that T was sizing him up looking for any weakness but under that stare he shrank into himself, T turned to the door, “that doesn’t bother me” he said in a low snarl “what bothers me is that they have my weapons somewhere in this building and we’re not leaving until I have them” he walked over to the door in four massive strides and put his hands to his shoulders, he undid some buckles letting a long black cloak fall down his back to his ankles, he pulled a hood up over his helmet still letting the horn show and burst through the door. The guards were taken completely by surprise as he flung his cloak around one of the guards and grabbed the others throat with his free hand and began to squeeze. While the first guard was still trying to untangle himself from T’s cloak, the other was clutching at Ts fingers trying to pry them from his neck, he died when T’s armoured claws began to draw blood from his throat, the second guard crumpled to the floor but before he had even hit the ground T was punching the first with blows that shattered bones with every hit, and then the two guards were dead on the floor, in space of twelve seconds Daniel had watched T kill two armed guards with only his bare hands before either of them had even realised that they were being attacked. T straightened his back and with an ease that spoke of having done it a hundred times before he packed the cloak back into his shoulders as he turned to Daniel “where do they keep the weapons in this place?” he asked in a Calm voice as if what he had just done was the most ordinary thing in the world, “their two levels down in the armoury, I’ll take you there” said Daniel in a shaky voice, “good” answered T “well let us be of then” and he gestured for Daniel to lead the way.

The End

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