The Disappearance of Clearville

    Our protagonist knew nothing of the events that were on the verge of taking place. She knew not that as she ate her breakfast the annoyed glimpses that she gave her over-enthusiastic family of three (mother, father, and twelve year-old brother) would be the last ones she would give in her life. She had no way of guessing that the bright sun would never shine the same way, nor that this was the last day of laughter and freedom in her high school. She didn't even know that her last cheer for her squad had happened the day before, forever locked in a happy memory of blissfulness and safety.

    This is the story that changes this average cheerleader.

Walking through the crowded halls of Clearville High-school Manny  Jules  walked without a care. She loved this place. She thrived of the amount of new students that had transferred in from surrounding schools, but most of all she loved her boyfriend who waited by her locker. Typical jock with charming blond hair and piercing blue eyes, but he was one of the smartest in the school, so he couldn't truly be classified as a jock. Steven's long arms wrapped around her waist as he kissed her in a way of greeting.

    "So," he began after letting her go so that she could put her bag in her locker. "Are we still on?"

Manny looked up and smiled suggestively. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She teased.

A flicker of impatience passed over his eyes, but it quickly disappeared the moment he realized what she was doing. "Ok, so then I'll meet you here in an hour?"

    "You know it." she smiled and quickly went to class.

    Clearville, Ontario was quiet, private. Those who had lived their whole lives there knew nothing else. They thrived on the peace and serenity, but were almost never bored. They didn't crave the city as most folk from smaller towns would, their town was special, united. The days were always long when needed but not too long when nighttime was desired. Nothing was ever out of place. But today the clouds were out and the sky was chillier than normal in September. The smell of chaos was in the air.

    Steven met Manny as planned at her locker an hour later, sharp. Class was still in session, but they had a plan. They couldn't see each other as much as they wanted. Her parents gave her a curfew and his football schedule was demanding. The janitors' door opened easily as they stumbled in, hands wrapped around each other. The darkness didn't bother them and inside their little safe, hot haven they didn't hear the sudden explosion in the center of Clearville. Somehow, the screams were not available for their ears.

    For the first time ever Clearville was quiet.

It was no surprise that when Manny and Steven walked out of the their hot abyss, that absolutely no sound could be heard in their school... Everything was different.

The End

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