The DisapearanceMature

The year is 2015 all humans aged 21 and over had disappeared 3 years ago suddenly and unexpectedly without a trace, there is no knowledge of what has happened or why. So the last remaining humans children, adolescence and near adults have to strive to survive in a new world without adults for guidance or company, the only thing known about what happened is that it was a onetime incident that has not happened to any other human that has aged over 21 but little is known and survival is never guara

Chapter 1

“Hey Mortis wake up! It’s time to go” whispered Night Hawk, Mortis was awake instantly and was reaching for his pistol in his armoured legging, as he eased his way up from under the tree he had slept under, he looked around and inspected his surroundings with his eyes and ears. He was in a small clearing with trees and bushes all around him he looked to where Night Hawk was and saw that he was crouched by a bush overlooking the small valley they had been sent to survey. He remembered the dream he had had, it was the same dream as always.

He was in his home in Bredbo waiting for his mother to take out lasagne from the oven, he could smell the herbs and spices that made it the best lasagne he would ever eat and everyone who tried it said the same.

And then the dream would end, and he would find himself in this world of sins and wrong doing. But he also thought of the light at the end of the tunnel, the small self proclaimed nation of Monaro, with Cooma as its capitol it has led a new life for many without hope, its boarders now protected by the Demons, the main military fighting force of Monaro, encased in their armour of metal and steel they defend the boarders of Monaro and protect its citizens from the outside world and all who would bring chaos to their peaceful way of life.

 But Mortis knew that in order to have peace some sacrifices had to be made, such as the sacrifice he made by helping develop and build the armour known as the “Helios armour”. The armour was an attempt at an exo-skeleton to give people heightened strength and durability in the field of battle, the armour was only a partial success in that it did increase strength and durability but it was very bulky and expensive to build but after a year and a half of experimenting and more knowledgeable people offering their services to the cause they had finally developed an armour they could produce and modify at their leisure. After they had the finished product they gave each person who had worked on the project a suit of their own that had his or her own “unique” modifications and upgrades, Mortis’s suit had had slight armour enhancements, a gauntlet that had a pump-action shotgun embedded into the side so that he always had a weapon, he also had both of his gauntlets fingers equipped with hidden blades that he could raise by stretching his fingers as far as they would go,  night vision and heat vision, he also had his helmet modified to look as if a lizards head might be under it by having the front elongated and angled eye lenses that still gave him a good view of where he was, and one of the most difficult parts was a standard inbuilt radio that had had its transmission radius lengthened from three kilometres to six kilometres through transceivers located in some fronds at the back of his helmet giving an almost “Predator” look , all in all it was a very impressive piece of work.

He had since gone and trained to be a Demon and had been accepted into the Terror unit, an area of Demons military group that was kept away from the public eye,if only because of the things they do to make sure that hostile gangs, tribes and nations stayed away from Monaro territory.

Mortis shook his head to clear it of his thoughts and pulled his pistol from its holster in his legging and crept forwards towards Night Hawk, he remembered back to when he and Night Hawk had been accepted into the Terror unit and issued with their new names, back when his name was Sam and Mortis’s name was Harry, he and Night Hawk had been given an opportunity to choose their own names if they wished and they seemed to have chosen well, Sam was a very good sniper and was able pick out targets that most would miss and Harry always harboured a love of death and destruction and so his name of Mortis, Latin for death seemed a natural choice, and so it was that they ,Care Bear and Hood made the 5thTerror unit codenamed The Skull Carvers.

 As he moved up to Night Hawks position he saw it was night and the moon was out, he could see every bush and shrub on their small hill, he could also see every sentry in the small outpost that one of Monaro’s Enemy nations had decided to build near a hill covered in trees and bush’s he was so overwhelmed by how stupid they had been that he almost didn’t notice Care Bear and Hood were taken up positions to his left and right and were un-slinging their rifles getting ready to strike at the unsuspecting enemy. Mortis licked his lips inside his helmet, checked his night and heat visions were both working and turned on his night vision with a jab of his chin onto a button in his helmet and suddenly everything was a bright green, he un-slung his rifle, a standard FAMAS looted from a military base out near the outskirts of Canberra, and readied for the approach down to the edge of the outpost, he heard Night Hawk say “3, 2, 1” under his breath and then they ran from bush to bush, grass knot to grass knot and into small ditches that were only just big enough o hold their considerably large bulk. As the closed with the wall of the outpost Mortis saw that it was simply made of wood and tin to give the impression of being well built and sturdy in fact if they wanted to they could just go straight through the wall and shatter the enemies spirit, with a few dead by gigantic metal monsters, which was probably the best description anyone who didn’t know what was under their armour could give, they could walk away with a job well done “we can go in and out through the walls if we want to” said Mortis over the radio “seems like a good way to cause terror if you ask me” said Care Bear, “ya who would expect four metal Demons to come bashing through their wall at eleven thirty, and besides it’s been awhile since any of us have had any fun” Said Hood with a with a voice that suggested that he was smiling under his helmet’s hood, and with that they all ran as fast as they could at the wall and smashed through it as if it was made of cardboard.


“The Demons are coming, man the walls or I’ll have Thrasher give you a whipping” shouted the person in charge of this particular building in Canberra, Daniel only heard him because he was leaning against one of the poles outside used  to broadcast his voice, so got his gear which included a hunting rifle, a chest plate and a knife that his father had given him before the Disappearance as it was known to the Cult of Tyranny, and the name was well chosen for they used threats and fear to inspire ‘bravery’ of a sort in their men, but it was all short lived because as soon as the enemy broke through the line all hell broke loose, and this time it’ll be literal thought Daniel as he mounted the wall that was mostly made of old cars stacked on top of each other,  two thick and three tall with a walkway in between the two sides and  from what he saw over the wall there were nine Demons and they had brought a Fire Devil as well it was, simply put, a basic set of the Demons armour except they didn’t carry a weapon instead they had two armoured tanks on their backs full of oils, petrels, or sometimes even gas, these then had  pipes leading to their hands with lighters at the end of them  that they could somehow open and close by clenching or releasing their hands. The Demons had also brought about twenty of their lesser soldiers that he and his cult referred to as Worshippers, they were small and weak looking compared to their armoured brethren but they were no less dangerous, they wore whatever armour plating they could get their hands on, he even saw one with a shield made from a car door, the weapons they carried where mostly pistols, blades, clubs, staffs and many other home made weapons with the occasional rifle or chainsaw. As he watched all of them getting into position he checked his own rifle and ammo, he also noticed that he was nearly alone on this section of the wall, and then he remembered that most of his old squad had been wiped out in the previous assault but they had still won by a narrow margin. For some reason the Demons had retreated and left for reasons unknown to him or his superiors, and to think if they had stayed they would have slaughtered every man and woman who opposed them in the outpost, and he himself was still only seventeen and a virgin, with short brown hair that needed a wash and brown eyes that  looked as if they had never seen the promise of a warm bed at night, all he could think or say was “shit”, if he was going to die it wouldn’t be here and not for these people to whom he harboured no love or affection, not for the people who treated him as if he was nothing but dirt, he had had enough so he slung his rifle and pulled out his pistol walked down the wall’s stairs to the courtyard and made his way down to the main building they were defending. The building was huge, at least forty stories high, and had once been an office building but now had smashed windows from raiders, stray bullets and the occasional suicide, he kept walking until he got to the main entrance, he looked in and saw the guards were looking ready for action, he walked with his hands raised said “I have a message to deliver” and they let him pass unopposed. As soon as the guards were out of sight he started to run until he found a map that had been crudely drawn onto the wall with permanent marker he waited and searched until he found the armoury on level two and the prison cells on level four. He made his way to the prison first to look for a boy named “T” although he didn’t think that was his real name, who would name their child “T”, oh well he thought as long as he can help me escape unscathed it should be fine. All he had heard about the boy was that he was the only Demon to have been captured by the Cult and that he had taken seven boys, two of which lost there lives, to get him into the cell. As he approached the prison room he saw the two guards that were standing too either side of the door they were both tall and seemed to be made more muscle than anything else and carried a pistol each, they were also some of the Trusted of the Cult recognisable due to their three pointed star tattoos on their faces, they got whatever they wanted so that they would be loyal and enforce loyalty in the lesser subjects, they were going to be a problem if he was going to free T, he was either going to have to shoot them now and have every guard coming his way all over the building or see if T could kill them for him, he decided on the latter, if he was going to get out f here alive he needed to do it as quickly and as quietly as possible. As he neared the guards he holstered his pistol and said he had to see a prisoner for reasons he couldn’t share, they both looked oddly at him but let him pass. When he got inside the prison he saw that the bars had all been welded to the floor and that the doors didn’t look like they were meant to be opened at all, as he neared the cell with T in it he saw that the Demon had taken his helmet off, he looked about nineteen or twenty years old,  he had medium long blond hair getting darker towards the scalp and a fair amount of face fat but not enough to render him plump, he had blue eyes that looked almost empty of compassion or mercy and pale skin with a face that spoke of hard fought battles, the first thing that ran through Daniels head was ‘what had happened to this person?’, but then reality struck and he knew that he must look no different than this boy. He approached the boy with his hands out to his sides to show he meant no harm, T looked at him and then looked back down saying “if you’re here to try and get me to try and get my unit to stop attacking, go away now”, Daniel looked at him for a couple of seconds and said in very confident voice that sounded nothing like the way he felt “I’m not here to get them to stop attacking, I’m here to get you and hopefully myself as well out of here and back to your unit” he waited for him to respond, as he waited he studied his face and he saw no emotions what so ever on that plastered mask until suddenly out of nowhere his face lit up with a grin that couldn’t have been possible for the boy sitting before him twenty seconds ago, but he was already up on his feet, with a slight clatter of armour moving and a speed surprising for his size, he stood nearly seven feet tall and must have weighed at least half a tonne with his armour on. “Better stand back” he said to Daniel as he gripped the bars, Daniel was about to ask “why?” when words died in his throat, T was bending the bars apart with only his hands. Daniel had thought that the Demons Strength was only over exaggerated but here he was witnessing that they were not exaggerated at all, there was a squealing, grating sound and one of the bars came loose while the other was bent at an awkward angle that only just let him squeeze through. As he stepped out he retrieved his helmet from his thigh plate and put it on, Daniel saw him make some quick connections with his helmet to his neck brace and he looked like a warrior from hell, his helmet had a large single horn that protruded from his forehead that looked as if it had blood stains from the tip to half way down to the base, the helmet itself was circular, with blood red pointed eyes and what looked like filters attached to the cheeks, he looked over all very impressive and even more intimidating. “There’s just one problem we need to deal with first” said Daniel in a more confident voice “there are two guards outside the door who are probably expecting trouble now, and if they’ve raised the alarm there will be plenty more” “ that doesn’t bother me” said T in a low snarl “what bothers me is that they have my weapons somewhere in this building and we’re not leaving until I have them” he walked over to the door in four massive strides and put his hands to his shoulders, undid some buckles letting a long black cloak fall to his ankles, he pulled a hood up over his helmet but still letting the horn show and burst through the door. The guards were taken completely by surprise as he flung his cloak around one of the guards and grabbed the others throat and began to squeeze, while the first guard was still trying to untangle himself from T’s cloak, the other died when his armoured claws began to draw blood from his throat, the second guard crumpled to the floor  but before he had even hit the ground T was punching the first with blows that were shattering bones with every punch, and then the two guards were dead on the floor, in space of twelve seconds Daniel had watched T kill two armed guards with only his bare hands before either of them could even realise they were being attacked. T straitened his back and with an ease that spoke of doing it a hundred times before he packed the cloak back into his shoulders and turned to Daniel “where do they keep their weapons?” he asked in a Calm voice as if what he had just done was the most ordinary thing in the world, “their two levels down in the armoury, I’ll take you there” Daniel Said in a shaky voice “good” answered T “well let us be of then”

This was what he lived for thought Mortis, to sow fear into the hearts of Monaro’s enemies. He had already killed two of the enemy soldiers and was now running towards the entrance of the outpost where two more soldiers were watching  the fight with expressions that suggested surprise and fear, as he ran one of the men pulled out a hand gun and began trying to shoot him, he almost laughed at the soldier because most of the shots missed and the rest harmlessly pinged of his armour and fell behind him broken and shattered, as he closed the distance he aimed for the one who was still trying to decide what to do when Mortis suddenly smashed into him with bone breaking force that sent the man tumbling into a pole where stayed, the second soldier ran out of bullets and began to reload as fast as his shaking hands would let him but he dropped the ammo clip and looked up when he felt a stabbing pain in his chest only to see Mortis standing in front of him with a short one edged  blade  protruding from his chest, he looked back down at the blade and then back at Mortis, disbelief on his face, then legs went weak, Mortis drew the blade from his chest as he collapsed, dead before he had hit the ground. Mortis looked at his blade and marvelled at how the blood dribbled down the shaft. After his father had disappeared he had gone to his shed and taken the bayonet named it ‘Cruor’, Latin for blood. He looked up when he heard a revving sound that could only be a chainsaw of some kind, but it was only Hood with his custom built Chain sword, it was just a chainsaw except the blade was a meter long, with the motor as the guard and the revving trigger at the top of a thirty centimetre hilt, it was really something to behold seeing Hood at work lopping of arms, legs and heads, and one boy he saw had been sheared in two. He looked at the soldiers and then at his friends, he shouted through their radios “time to move out!” and he pulled out his pistol, it was a .44 magnum his father had owned before the incident, he took aim and fired at the closest target, he got the man square in the chest, the man flew backwards into one of his peers and then Mortis ran straight through the entrance and out into the world. He knew that the others would follow his lead and flee through any hole, nook or cranny that they could and all in different directions if possible, then they would all meet up at a pre-organised location before moving back to Bredbo to report and take a well deserved week off before embarking on their next mission.


Mortis was in a tree waiting for anyone to come into the clearing of trees that his unit were using as their rally point for a successful mission, he heard a noise and looked to a small cluster of bushes. Mortis dropped from a tree branch about five meters up hit the ground, rolled and came up standing in front of Care Bear who didn’t even flinch “nice to see you” he said in a slightly incredulous voice that really said ‘show off’ “same with you” said Mortis indifferently “have you seen the others yet?” he asked “yes, they’re just entering the brush by the south, and they both look in high spirits” he said haughtily. When Night Hawk and Hood came strolling into the clearing, Hood was still holding his chain sword propped up on a shoulder and Night Hawk had a small object in his hand, they announced that when they left Night Hawk had had the luck of accidently running through the wall of their food stall and had grabbed a bottle of apple cider. They all looked at the bottle in his hand and they all looked at him “you better plan on sharing that” said Mortis in a mildly hushed voice “oh don’t worry” said Night Hawk with a grin “there will be plenty to go round”. And they all enjoyed a couple of moments of peace and fizzy drink that burned their throats from unfamiliarity, once the drink was finished Night Hawk tied the bottle to his waist and they set off in the direction of Monaro in high spirits and content with a long nights work.

They had just finished raiding the Cults armoury when a patrol of three guards came through the door, Daniel leapt behind a weapons crate while T just stood his ground and pulled his two pistols out, fired at the first two to enter  hitting one of them in the chest and the other in the shoulder, he shot the second one again in the face he had killed the two boys of  patrol before they had realised what had happened, the last one who was a girl managed to get two shots off and then was filled with bullets from T’s guns, he stepped over the corpses and into the hallway “are you coming or not?” he called back to Daniel. Daniel scurried after the giant and started to walk behind him, he asked “where did you learn to do that?” T kept on walking and then said “all in good time, if you can pass the tests”, he kept on walking and came to a door, tried door handle and found that it was locked he took a step back and kicked the door down onto a very surprised guard that went down with the door, T put an enormous armoured foot down on the door and pressed, the boy under the door squealed, he bent down and said “you say anything and you’ll have wished I had crushed you here and now” the boy whimpered and T let him up “now run along” and with that the boy ran out the door. “Now if I’m right there should be a dumpster just below one of these windows” said T in a cheerful voice, Daniel was back from the door to T and back again “you do know that he will probably bring back more people to try and take you down again” it wasn’t a question it was a statement of fact, “ahaa “said T with a smile on his face “the bins a little further from the wall than id thought but we should still be able to make it” Daniel looked at him confused “what do you mean ‘make it’…” he trailed off “you don’t mean… we can’t make that!” “yes we can I’ve done something similar before” Daniel looked at him doubtfully “well if you won’t follow, good luck on getting out of here alive” and with that he shot the window five times, took a running start and smashed through the glass, he flew three metres and landed in the dumpster bin with no problems. Daniel heard the thumps of running footsteps he looked through the doorway and saw four of the guards running his way while pulling their guns from their jackets or holsters. He turned and ran as fast as he could, leaping through the window and felt a bullet go past his shoulder, he narrowly made the dumpster but landed unharmed, he got up and looked for T, he was by a section of the car wall that had no one on it because there wasn’t anyone attacking from this direction. He scaled the wall easily and stood on the walkway, looked over the edge and jumped. He landed, rolled and came up in a ready position with his rifle up sweeping the immediate area. He lowered his rifle and looked up at Daniel saying “your turn”. Daniel looked down and began to climb down the wall, he took longer than he expected but when had hit the ground T was waiting in the shadow of a nearby building. He looked at Daniel with what he guessed was curiosity or annoyance, T turned his head and said in a hushed but urgent tone “we need to go now!” he raised his rifle and began to run around the building circling it to go around the battle and back to his unit as quickly as possible Daniel followed as fast as he could but even in his armour T was the faster runner. He stopped to catch his breath and saw T disappear around a corner, he heard a cry of alarm and some sporadic fire, the ping of bullets hitting metal and then silence. He was too scared to move and then heard T say in a casual voice “my Turn”

There were four shots and then silence again then T popped his head around the corner saying “so you coming or what”. Daniel hurried after him thinking ‘I should stop being surprised by what these guys can do’. He saw that T had found his unit and was already joining them in the battle, Daniel went over to him and said “so what do I do now?” T looked at him and grinned “you fight or you die”

Mortis looked around Bredbo hadn’t changed a bit since he had been there two weeks ago. The people were as he remembered, they were fairly rowdy but disciplined and they knew how to live and still have fun within the laws of the nation. He was heading to the main hub of Monaro’s Terror unit’s with Hood to file his report and stash his armour in his room. They reached the building and went inside, it was an old roughly built shack with a door that was in need of repairs. Mortis looked around the floor and found the false floor panel, he lifted it without difficulty and let Hood go down, once he was in the hole he pulled the panel back into place and went to stand next to Hood they walked down a corridor that was about one and a half meters wide and two tall, it had been dug out of the earth and then been reinforced with wood and metal support beams. The corridor was long and had many doors embedded into its wall. Mortis and Hood walked to the fourth door to their right knocked twice and entered. The room they entered was full of warm light coming from a fire place that had been dug from the wall and then had had the smoke redirected to the shacks chimney, there was also four tables that held the other members of different Terror units all sharing stories, eating, drinking and having a good time with what they could before their next mission. Mortis and Hood walked past them all, but not without acknowledging some of their friends and companions, and headed for the other end of the room which was where their rooms were. They headed through their units main room and went to their own separate rooms that bordered it. Mortis looked at his room. It was small but had lots of room the only space that was used had a bed, a wardrobe and a desk. There was also a doorway to which was where he was headed to. He walked through the doorway, flicked a switch and light filled the room, on the wall to his right were all the weapons he owned an RPG, three rifles he didn’t know the names of, a machine gun, the wall to his left held an assortment of knives, blades and other specialist equipment, on the wall in front of him where three  sets of racks two of which had Helios armour in them, one set had a Fire Devils gauntlet and a tank of fuel on its back and the other gauntlet had a claws with malicious looking blades attached to its fingers while the helmet looked like his normal one except it had horns coming out the back of it and fang like teeth near the front where you expect to find them. The second suit had hooks at the end of each finger and on the chest and knees, the suit also had strange legs that looked similar to a cats back legs except these had cruel looking hooks for toes for hanging onto wall and other vertical inclines that couldn’t be scaled normally, but what had drawn Mortis to have them made for his suit was that they allowed him to jump incredible distances, mind they had taken him five months to be able to run in them and he was still a little rusty at landing on and clinging to another wall after a jump, but he was confident he could do it without too much hassle. He took off his helmet and placed it on the empty rack. He had slightly curly dark orange hair that ran to the bottom of his ears and blue eyes with freckles all over his face. As he removed his armour he revealed broad shoulders and a skinny but muscled frame that spoke nothing of his true strength. After he was out of his armour he got out of his skin tight divers suit, the diver suit was used to prevent the armour from rubbing against his skin. He then got dressed in a plain grey shirt and blue jeans, he put a belt through the jeans and walked out of the room to go and sit with his friends when he when he almost ran headlong into Care Bear, who was still in his armour but had removed his helmet, when he said “aaah so there you are” he looked around and said in a whisper “Mortis get Hood and meet at the hall, Reaver wants to see us” Mortis looked at him incredulously “I thought we had a week before our next mission?” “Listen all I know is that he wants to see our unit” and with that he walked past him and into their room to get out of his gear.

Mortis waited at the entrance of the hall with Hood and Night Hawk for Care Bear. When Care Bear finally got there he looked at all three of them exchanged pleasantries. Care Bear was a boy of about 19 years of age, he had a round face and blue eyes he had brown hair that was the same length as Mortis’s and a muscled structure that Mortis remembered back before the Incident had been covered in fat but now was quite lean and due to the circumstances he wasn’t surprised but still slightly unnerved that he had lost so much weight that it as if he always looked at him for the first time. Night Hawk on the other hand had long brown hair that went straight down to his shoulders and was tied back with a knife. He had blue eyes and an angular face. Hood had blue eyes and short blond hair that looked curly enough to be able to not run your fingers through it and hit a knot was out of the question. They all walked in and looked around. This was only Mortis’s third time in the hall so he didn’t see any changes it was still as crowded with people moving from cubicle to cubicle as before but now he saw that they moved with an erjant haste that said something big was about to happen. A boy of no older than eleven or twelve approached them “are you the 5thTerror unit” he asked in a quivering voice “yes we are” answers Hood the boy looked slightly more confident and said “then I’ll need you to come with me” he started walking towards the back of the hall where there was a stage with a massive home built room with a wide double door at the front. They approached the mass with ease, for people seemed to see who they were and would get out of their path. When they got to the doors Mortis thought he could hear music but with the constant chatter of people working and shouting at each other to be heard he couldn’t tell. They entered and  when the boy closed the door behind them the room was silent except for the music Mortis had heard before entering. The room was well furnished and had a desk in the middle with a boy around the same age as Mortis, he had short, straight blonde hair that had been cut by someone other than himself and was neat he was looking at some papers and an iPad that had a Word file on it. He looked up and stared at them for a moment then went back to what he was doing for a few minutes and then put everything away into draws in the desk. “So can I assume that none of you know the current status of resources at present?” he said in a commanding voice. “No sir” they all said in unison. “Then let me tell you that we are running low on fuel and other both basic and advanced resources, we have sent envoys to several neutral factions that may be willing to help us. But what we need is for the Cult of Tyranny to stop launch raids against our borders so as to stop the using up of resources. I am therefore sending you on a Hit and Run mission for the next month or so”. Mortis, Hood, Care Bear and Night Hawk all looked at each other and then back to Reaver “Sir when do we leave and how are we going to survive for a month without back up?” asked Mortis. “You will leave tomorrow in a Raider  truck with Night Shade and then head to some pre-organised coordinates that will lead you to a safe house with all you will need.” There was a silence and then Mortis blurted out “but Night Shade could do this all by herself and not get a scratch on her!” “You may be right there but we need these supplies at all costs and I’m not going up in front of the committee because we failed to get the Cult to stop attacking us because we had an over exaggerated view on one of our peoples abilities, I don’t care for your relationship with her and I don’t care what happened between you two during the ‘Glacier project’ is that clear!” “Yes sir” said Mortis defeated. There was a long silence,”So just to break the tension” said Hood “how many targets are there?” Reaver looked at hood and shook his head in disbelief then he looked up and said “there are three targets that need to be eliminated, the first two of them should be simple by your standards and need to say that we were there and that we killed them, the third however will be difficult and in need of some brilliance that I know Night Shade can be of help to get. The target is a high ranking leader of the Cult that likes to hold parties in a business building in Canberra, he is a bit a show-off so should be easy to get a reading of who he is but he’s no idiot, he has guards around him twenty-four-seven and almost always is accompanied by a friend or a person of interest so collateral damage is a go, but only for anyone he’s with”.

After they had left their briefing and exited the hall Night Hawk turned on Mortis “what was all that about?” they all looked at Mortis “what was all what about?” asked Mortis a look of shock on his face. “What do you mean what? What was all that about Night Shade?” Mortis looked instantly calm “we’ve had previous dealings with each other, and I’m leaving it at that” Mortis pushed through them and went back to the shack to pack his things for the road ahead, and after all he thought this is going to be a long trip maybe we can put aside past mistakes or she’ll put a knife in your back when your asleep, nope this was just going to be another mission to regret and forget.

The next day at 6:00 when the mist was thickest and there was no chance of anyone seeing them Mortis, Hood, Night Hawk and Care Bear started to pack. After they had all gotten their gear onto the Raider, a cargo truck that had been armed up and with the trailer more resembling an armoured carrier than a trucks trailer, they put on their armour for the coming carnage. Mortis turned to get Cruor when he noticed a shadowy figure in a cloak and hood standing under a tree not too far from the road he bent down to pick up Cruor and pull a combat knife from a concealed sheath on his back; he looked back up and saw that the figure was gone, he started to pull the blade from its sheath, but then he sensed movement from behind him he spun around and put the knife to Care Bears throat. “Hey” he shouted with astonishment “what’s that for?” Mortis lowered the knife looked around “sorry… I thought you were someone else” Care bear looked around and whispered “unless you’ve been seeing things we’re the only ones here” he looked into Mortis’s helmet lenses and turned to get back into the trailer. As Mortis turned back to have last look around he came face to face with the shadowy figure it pulled its hood down and Mortis found himself staring into a pair of ice blue eyes. “Hello Mortis” said Night Shade purr of a voice “hello Night Shade” said Mortis in a more brittle voice “I was wondering if Reaver was just pulling my leg when he said that I was to have you to assist me on this mission” she said this in a seducing voice while tracing a finger across one of Mortis’s shoulder plates “yes well he said that you needed help and that we had been chosen to assist in any way we can” said Mortis in a serious voice “any” she says cheekily “almost” he replied in a cold voice “well then let’s go and see all of your friends” she said as she walked over to the back of the trailer. This was going to be a long trip thought Mortis.

There were six rooms in the Raiders trailer and three of them were for storage the other three had two beds and a small table that had been bolted to the floor. The rooms were quite small and didn’t much room to move in. Mortis, Hood, Night Hawk, Care Bear and Night Shade all drew straws to see who got the room to themselves the winner being Night Hawk then Mortis, Hood and Care bear drew straws again to see who had to share a room with Night Shade Mortis drew the short straw. As they were getting ready for bed Mortis was in his room reading while Night Shade checked all of her equipment in one of the storage rooms Night hawk poked his head in “what’s the matter with you” he said “why does this always happen to me” Mortis said under his breath “what are you so upset about?” asked Night Hawk “you get a room with a hot chick I mean what’s not to love?” “How about that she is a trained assassin that could slit my throat and still sleep soundly at night” said Mortis in an annoyed voice “was that your impression before or after you had slept with her?” Mortis threw his bag at Night Hawk and he leapt out of the way laughing as Night Shade came back to the room “what’s so funny?” she asks “oh nothing too much” says Night Hawk “Mortis here is just scared that you’re going to kill him in his sleep” she looked at him with a smile dancing around her eyes “don’t worry I won’t kill him. I’ve got better ideas than that”.


The next morning Mortis woke with a start he’d had a dream that Night Shade had actually tried to kill him he looked around and saw that Night Shades bed was empty, and then he looked down. She was snuggled up to him under his blankets. He extracted himself from the bed and relieved to know he was still dressed walked out to check on his armour. The Tech spooks from the Manufactories looked at him through goggles and glasses that did nothing to hide their pimply faces. Most of them were about thirteen to fifteen except one who looked nineteen and was probably the one in charge. She wore a jet black robe with a hood, under the hood Mortis could see a small head set that had many tools and lights for the operations that the Spooks needed to keep his armour in working condition, he of course new some of the basics of armour maintenance but not much. Mortis went back to his room; Night Shade was still asleep, put a shirt and a jumper on and left to go up onto the room. He climbed the ladder and opened the hatch that lead to the roof. It was a cold and foggy morning, the suns distant rays of light could barley penetrate the fog layer and for that Mortis was glad ‘less of a chance anyone will notice us’ he thought. As Mortis climbed onto the roof he saw that Hood was up there in full armour, it had a long cloak that billowed in the wind like water and a characteristic hood that all of his armour types had, he also had his chain sword strapped to his hip and a rifle in his hands that made him look like a warrior of legend. Mortis took a few steps towards Hood as he turned to look at him; his helmet had the front half of a human skull nailed to it and a burn mark on the forehead that looked like a gear with a blood in the centre ‘the mark of the Demons’ thought Mortis, his own armour had the mark either painted or etched into it somewhere. They both looked at each other for a moment longer and then they looked away Mortis walked over next to Hood “long night?” Hood asked “I wish” answered Mortis they both laughed.

As they closed on their destination they had already entered Canberra and were in the process of putting on their armour. With Tech spooks help they managed to get their armour on in less than twenty minutes.

The End

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