Chapter 3

In the first month that the school has started, I had managed to end up as the soccer team’s captain after the original captain named Claire moved away from New York to Texas. I was the second in command as I liked to call it so coach didn’t have any reason to not choose me.

I could easily have ended up as the captain before in sophomore year but the added responsibility seemed daunting to me.

I was just finishing up my run when coach appeared out of nowhere and scaring me half to death. He explained about Claire’s big move and I thought about strangling him with my shoelaces until he asks forgiveness which I surely won’t give.

“Fin, you’re going to be the team’s captain from now on.” He said and glared at me as if I was already strangling him.

“What about Claire?” I asked stupidly.

“She’s transferring to another school.” He muttered. “You could easily have taken her place you know.” There we go, see? I told you so.

“I know.” I said and smirked self-righteously.

“Don’t get all pigheaded over it.” My smirk dropped by this point. “It doesn’t mean you’re much better than her.”

“So?” I countered.

“But I know you can lead the team and might be better at it if you stop being so lazy.” Coach is the kind of guy who can put you up and put you down in the same sentence and he knows it. I bet he thinks its clever of him but it just makes other people want to strangle him with their shoelaces though.

“Hugh Grant!”

“What?” He doesn’t know who Hugh Grant is and I die a little inside for his ignorance.

“Nothing.” I said. Hugh Grant’s attitude is like coach in second life. I think they’re twins though one is much better looking than the other. What? That happens sometimes.

He shook his head slightly at my ‘antics’ and pats my shoulder signaling the end of our conversation. I wave goodbye at his retreating form crazily like a spastic person because I know that he can’t see me. Being me is sooo much better sometimes.

I gathered my water bottle and towel from a nearby bleacher and wiped my sweating forehead with it. I suppose being a captain is okay plus I get to boss everyone around and make them do as I say.

I turned on my IPod loudly and started walking through the field towards the parking lot to my car when I heard a scuffle behind the dumpster. I lowered the volume of the IPod a little and looked around the deserted lot, not a soul was around since it was already 7 pm. I hurried to my car which was at the end of the parking lot on an unlighted spot while Jump then Fall by Taylor Swift blared on my eardrums.

As I hummed the chorus of the song, the car at the end of the parking lot exploded with sudden force and the flames bloomed up from the vehicle like a giant mushroom. The force of the blast sent me sprawling backwards while the heat warmed my body more than what was needed.

I could feel the tremors on the asphalt while I stared at the ball of flame yards ahead of me and I prayed to God that I wasn’t missing a limb.

All I could think about was how devastated the car owner would be when he finds about his busted car but then reality wasn’t all that kind and realization hit me with enormous force. I was the freaking owner of the freaking smoking car and boy am I devastated. I made a disbelieving sound as I starred at my broken baby and all the hard work I went through to buy it. Whoever or whatever blew my car up is going to pay.

I could hear footsteps behind me but I didn’t have the energy to turn around and see for myself who it was. I was upset and upset I’ll be until I get my revenge and not to mention a new car.

I punched the road in my frustration but it was, without a doubt, a bad move from my part. I didn’t manage to inflict any damage on the cement but the cement did manage to inflict pain on me. I swore and flexed my hand as I inspected it for further damage but couldn’t see anything else aside from the red, stinging part.

I stood up slowly and grabbed my bag off the floor. I rummaged inside it for my phone to call my mother but I was stopped by a sound much like a gun being cocked. I had momentarily forgotten that there was someone behind me during my self-infliction of pain.

I turned around slowly and met the barrel of the gun, black and cold looking, pointed straight in between my eyes. I got momentarily cross-eyed as I looked at it and then to the person holding it.

It was a man, I was sure of it. Standing around 6 feet or more and because I was a measly 5 feet and 4 inches, I had to look up to him. He was wearing a mask so identification was useless and I highly doubt it if he’s going to introduce himself anytime soon. My legs shook as I thought of my life going by before my very eyes.

“What do you want?” I asked in what I hoped was a passive voice, feigning nonchalance.

“Follow me.” The man said in a deep voice and gestured to an inconspicuous black car near the parking lot entrance with heavily tinted windows. I could detect nothing sinister about it but there could be lots of torturing devices in it that would possibly be used on me. Who knows?

“Who are you?” I asked again in a voice that shook. I knew that I wasn’t fooling him. He didn’t answer me and instead prodded my back with his gun and I flinched as the cold mouth of the gun touched my right shoulder blade.

I kicked right into action immediately, in the literal sense. I moved a little to my left, away from the gun point and executed a perfect back kick with enough force to send the man stumbling backwards, buying me enough time to run.

I could hear him scrambling from behind, probably trying to get up because a blow on the stomach can really take the wind out of you. I smiled at my success and proceeded to run towards the school grounds hopping to find somebody who can help me.

I sprinted into the soccer field a minute later. I could see a light on coach’s office in the second floor at the building to my right. I ran faster than I had ever before, adrenaline kicking in. I could see the door to the sport’s building inviting me to come in with its cheery welcome sign and I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Just then, I slammed down onto the grass near the edge of the field and I could see the starts twinkling brightly at me. Everything was moving slowly and I couldn’t even feel my legs.

Scream. SCREAM!

Something inside me was telling me to scream but I couldn’t. I couldn’t seem to find my voice just then and besides, something was covering my mouth to prevent me from doing so. I was rolled around and the last thing I saw was coach’s silhouette sitting on his desk, telling me that his back was to the window.

The End

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