Chapter 2

My first day of school started pretty much like the same way it does from the time I was in Kindergarten with a little bottle of milk to accompany me on the swings. The span of a few years has given me a best friend and a few other friends to accompany me on the swings since then and the bottle of milk was forgotten.

Anyways, I woke up wishing that the night was longer and the clock slower but no, Father Time can’t even give me that so instead I groan and try to suck it up. Sometimes, I think that the people higher up, the people who makes the school schedules, purposely makes classes start at seven. I have enough of that military esque schedule during summer and I have no wish to abide by it but I can’t even rally.

My list of things to do in the morning is quite simple really. All I have to do is stumble to the bathroom, take a bath in shockingly cold water, get dressed in my school uniform then go downstairs and wolf down food like there is no tomorrow. By 6:45 am, I’m supposedly ready for school so I hop onto my trusty car which I bought with my own hard earned money and drive off to school with my driver’s license just in case.

The school, otherwise known as Thomas Thompson Preparatory School but fondly called Thomp by students, is big but even big is an understatement. It is the epitome of huge with its large span of property and buildings; sometimes we think it’s a little city itself with a population of more than a thousand.

Unlike most schools it doesn’t have cliques like the Goths, Preps, Nerds, Jocks and the Unspeakables. Everyone thinks they’re above that stereotypical technicality but sometimes the blondes act like blonds and the ones who wear too much eye liners goes missing for weeks and comes back with a heavily bandaged arm.

The students here are quite full of themselves to say the least but I can understand them though and it’s partly the school’s fault because they cultivated that idea of superiority themselves. The ones who can get in here are either gifted in something or have an IQ to rival Einstein’s so you can see where the bigheadedness comes from.

I myself got in here because I have photographic memory which in turn makes me the top student in Biology, History and English Literature; any subject without math for that matter plus I’m a pro in sports.

Everyone knows everyone or maybe that’s just me because I remember every single one of their names.

Anyhow, I suppose I must get to my locker, the one I had since freshman year, and try to get to my first subject on time. I have time issues if you still don’t get it. I ran up to the elevator yelling for the person inside to wait while I skidded to a stop in front of it. 

I gave a hasty hello and fumbled around with the buttons and pushed 6, we have 10 floors by the way. I pushed my hair out of my face and tired to arrange my school blazer and plaid school skirt into position, distinctly aware that the person with me in the elevator was staring at me with an amused expression.

“What?” I asked him suddenly. I had the pleasure to know that I startled him when he jumped and tried to look busy with a pen. An empty pen. I shook my head at him and starred at the doors, willing for them to open.

“You’re shoes are mismatched.” A voice sounded uncomfortably too near my ear and I jumped. I could hear him laughing loudly now and I scowled at him, hoping he won’t think I believed him but then making sure won’t hurt me, right?

I took a peak downwards and to my utter dismay, I was wearing two very different pairs of shoes. I gave a defeated sigh and rubbed my eyes tiredly while wishing at the same time that the ground will swallow me whole.

“Thank you for telling me, O Enlightened One.” I muttered and gave an exaggerated bow in his direction. What? It isn’t too late to save my embarrassing backside from this unlucky situation.

“You’re welcome.” He said smugly and that was when I noticed that he had an English accent much like Hugh Grant’s in Notting Hill.

“Are you from--“but my question went unfinished when the doors gave a little bell sound and opened on the 6th floor just like what it was supposed to do.

I got out and gave Enlightened One a wave and walked down the hall with my head held high and a few snickers here and there following me as I walked. I looked to my right and saw David my right hand man openly laughing at my shoes followed by a snorting Lilly also known as Elizabeth and last but not the least, Devon, Lilly’s twin.

Ah, my entourage has come and is proceeding to humiliate me further. How nice of them to do so. I pinched David’s arm since he’s the only one that I could reach and held on for dear life as he tried to swat my arm off of him. I tried to pinch Lilly too but she danced away from my hands as I neared her so I was left alone wrestling with David, the next door neighbor and the one who always throws a water balloon at my window every Saturday morning at 6:45 am just so that he can bother me.

Time for revenge.

As I struggled to maintain my balance, Devon the savior of the day walked over and flicked David’s forehead silently and walked away, following his sister to first period. I managed a grunt and was pulled up by a still laughing David. I swatted his arm for good measure and flounced off to my lovely locker to get my schedule.

Principal Meyers makes someone take the time to individually go up and down 10 floors just to distribute thousands of schedules on everyone’s respective lockers but I think he just wants to torture this particularly unlucky bloke.

851278, my locker combination and the name of a crush that I had in freshman year. I banged my hand on the metal door the and it creaked open slowly. The bright yellow interior of the locker welcomed me along with the vanilla smell that I made sure to spray everyday to rid away the smell of old socks from my neighboring locker which happened to belong to the tennis protégé.

I grabbed my schedule from the locker floor and quickly scanned it making sure that I remembered everything in it. My first period was Biology followed by Chemistry, English Literature, an optional subject, History and then lunch. After that is Pre-Calculus, Physics, Astronomy and Physical Education.

I sighed at the three subjects which I’m sure will be using divide, multiply, minus and add. It seems to me that I’m doing a lot of sighing today but who can’t sigh when almost 95% of the subjects are on the different levels of the freaking school and not to mention 50% on another building?

I sighed again and headed dejectedly to the elevator of which I’ll be spending a lot of time with in this school year.

Thanks for the warm welcome dearest Thompy, I thought in my head as I heard another snicker pass me by. I grabbed the first thing that I felt in my bag and thanks to my amazing accuracy at throwing pens, I heard a resounding smack as it hit its target.

The End

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