Author's Recount


I hope you enjoyed 'The Different Baby'. I just thought of this topic for a story at the top of my head. I thought it was very intresting for you lot to read and enjoy.

The Different Baby is about a widowed woman who has a baby boy who is as you know called Rhys. She also has 2 other children called Lyndsey and Zak. A week after the birth, Rhys became very very strange and didn't seem to be a normal baby...

Of course, after reaching the end of this story, you know what actually happens. I thought this topic would be intresting to write about and I hope you enjoyed the story.

So for the future, I hope you read more of my stories which I will be writing in the future also. I'm planning to write a story about the life of a Harry Potter character after they finished Hogwarts. So I'm hoping you'll read that story if I ever write it.

Once again, thank you for reading 'The Different Baby'!

It means alot!

The End

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