They tried to forget about Rhys during the month and they got on with their lives. Many exciting events happened like Zak's birthday, bowling, clubbing and then that month was over.

"Hurry!" demanded Rosie as they arrived outside the science centre to collect Rhys.

They walked inside the room where Rhys was. Rhys was lying on a bed awake and playing with some sort of soft toy. He was a happy baby.

"The alien inside him has gone completley so now he's a normal baby."

Rosie smiled and picked Rhys up and held him in her arms.

"Does he need medication?" she asked.

"No." the scientist replied.

"Thank you so much, do I need to pay you?" said Rosie.

"No, it's Doctor Surrey Surgery's job to pay us."

"Ok. Thanks again..."

"Can we go now??" said Lyndsey and Zak together.

Rosie smiled as she placed Rhys in his pram and walked out of the room back to Surrey.

From that day forward, Rhys was so easy to handle, he slept most of the time until he reached 4 months. He was a playful baby and slept well. The whole household got plenty of sleep over night.

Rhys grew up into a sporty, funny child. He was brainy too. Then as he reached his teenage years, he became attractive, sporty and funny.

He went to university and had a job as a PE teacher, he moved into his own house at the age of 25 and married a beautiful woman called Jane. He had 2 children called Matthew and Ginny. He had a very happy life with people wh adored him.

The End

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